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~* Adoption Nursery *~


These babies are looking for mommies! 

Please use the contact button at the top of the page to email me
if you find a baby you want.
Please refer to them by will get to name your own baby
but this helps me know which one you want.


all babies are signed and dated...they come with blanket...pacifier and accessories.
Also a birth certificate with stats on it name your own baby!


These are collector quality reborns....not play babies.
more pictures available

                                           ~ Rileigh~ SOLD!


                                      Full body silicone...jointed 20 ... 7lbs 14 oz 20" 

                          #18/30 by Joanna Gomes...painted and rooted by me! $2500 +ship


                                            message me with interest! full album on Facebook! 

                            look for My Forever Babies Reborn Nursery on Facebook! 


                                  ~ Everleigh  ~ by Laura Eagles SOLD

                             Very limited edition...signed by Laura!) 


               20"vinyl newborn size.. belly plate..full limbs..rooted hair..mag paci                             layette..COA and Birth Certificate

                                              $800 + ship




                                             ~ Tony Legler ~ SOLD!


              19" long..full limbs... mag paci  boy or girl  $600 + ship

                                       below..same baby as boy!



                                         ~ Sawyer  ~

                              (signed by sculptor Emily Jameson)


          sold out limited edition... 19" long..full limbs..magnetic paci...rooted hair

                                 below...same baby as boy

                                         $700 + ship


                                       Bili ~ Full body silicone! SOLD!


              gorgeous full body baby of eco 20 silicone...ball jointed head

              mouth open to take paci.... $2200 + ship bald $2500 rooted 


                                           ~ Sage ~


                         Full Body silicone...tiny 10" with jointed head ,mag paci

                                            painted   hair   $600 + shipping

                       (naked pic was before I painted her hair)


                                               ~ Molly~


                   tiny 10" patial silicone* full limbs with cloth body

                   Rooted hair..mouth open for paci $450 + ship



                                         ~ Wee Patience Eagles ~


               only 10" long....15 oz. full arms and legs...cloth body..removable tummy plate

                painted hair...rooted lashes..magnetic paci! $200 + shipping


       Please use the contact button at the top of the page to email me with interest

                                                     or questions!

       I accept Paypal can pay through Paypal even if you don't have an account.

             Paypal also offers Paypal credit with instant approval... 6 mos no interest!

                                         Thank you for visiting my website!





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