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My name is Janan Duncan and I am the artist behind the babies from My Forever Babies Nursery.  This Nursery is a dream come true for me.  I have always been involved in some form of art, from the time my Daddy had me drawing Disney at the age of 6 (or trying to!), through the years of raising 4 children, art has been my 'creative outlet'

Reborning has been around quite awhile I'm told, though I just discovered it in 2003. I have studied hard and put alot of effort into learning the art and it is constantly changing and improving.  I absolutely love making these babies!! It takes hours and days to complete one doll but the effort is so worth it to me!

Reborning used to begin with a quality vinyl doll (usually Berenguer, Middleton or Webb) removing the factory paint and then start creating the baby,  using artists oils and other mediums. Now we have wonderful vinyl kits that are sculpted just for the reborn artist. They come to use hair or coloring or eyes..and we work our magic! I use Genesis heat set paints as I feel they are almost indestructable!

I give alot of detail to my babies; having had 4 of my own I sometimes use their baby pictures and now that I have 7 grandchildren.......I have readily available 'models'  

As I state in my auction pages...babies are a gift from God. I sure don't mean to imply that I can compete with that! These babies bring alot of joy to their new mommies and that is my goal!

THAT is why I do this!

This year the ROSE International Doll Show will be held in Salt Lake City Utah!
I plan to be there at table #35..right across from my friend Marita Winters ...
I am so excited to help another long-time fellow artist Linda Hill teach her advanced reborning class....
this one is a DON'T MISS! Laura Lee Eagles is sculpting a kit just for this class! EEEEEEEEEEEK!
Lots of workshops during the show on the show floor...contests..raffles much fun!
check out their website..would love to meet you there.

I decided to clean up my website so I am just posting the latest babies that have won awards for me....
I have won at our State Fair of Texas the last 4 years pleased with that!
Also have a couple awards at doll shows...

State Fair of Texas 2015

State Fair of Texas 2014

State Fair of Texas 2013

DEDS ~ Down East Doll Show 2013

State Fair of Texas 2012

DEDS ~ Down East Doll Show 2012

I so appreciate your visit...the only babies not sold on this site are in the Adoption Nursery or on ebay....
feel free to contact me through my contact page....and please sign my guestbook...

Praise the Lord for He is GOOD...His love endures forever! ♥

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