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In 2002, Mumtaz and Zin meet in Lisbon. Their common experiences and references are the basis of an intense intellectual and artistic relation, which has been flourishing since then.
Their poetic practice has developed philosophical concepts that question and affirm the role and need of creativity, not only in society but also in nature and the planet as a whole.
These principals find expression in poetry, in the visual arts, in music, in landscape and in teaching. Their cooperation has gain such a particular identity not only because of what they do, but also of how they do, that since 2004, sign their collaboration under the name of Mumtazin

Singer tree

Mumtazin - Knock on wood, Singer tree, street animation, Lisbon 2007


Zin - Peter Bastiaan (Stockholm 1947)
Youth in the Netherlands. Finishes gymnasium A and starts playing drums during that time.
ln 1967 he starts a "one way" trip to the Sahara, westem Africa, Spain, north America and Canada. ln Canada continues his musical practice (drums and clarinet) with le Jazz Libre du Quebec, Tristan Honsinger and Claude Dubois, among others. In spring 1973 exposes and performs in galIery VEHICULE and colIaborates in music for film (Mort d'un Bucheron, Gilles Carle, awarded prize at Canadian Film Awards). End 1973 moves to New York where he paints a large number of "Flags". In 1974 he retums to HolIand where he works fulI time as a musician and is an active member of the "B.I.M." where he leads the Monday jam sessions during the first year of the BIMHUIS. During this period works and plays with innumerous musicians (Guus Janssen,Han Bennink,Arjen Gorter, Louis Moholo, Derek Bailey, Kees Hazevoet.) in alI kinds of contexts. The frequent colIaboration with Tristan Honsinger brings him to Italy in 1977 where he stays for two years, plays and teaches with Rafael Garrett and is active in the emerging scene of improvised music there. ln 1979 retums to Africa and spends one year playing popular musics in Dakar, Senegal. His musical adventure takes him to Spain where he lives in Madrid from 1981 unti11984. Here Llorens Barber invites him to perform at the Festival de Musica Experimental (81), he studies and plays with the group ORGON, with the Orquestra De Las Nubes ( Pedro Estevan), and many smalI groups under his own name. ln 1984 he moves to Marseille (France) where he works and studies with the likes of Georges Petit, Barre Phillips, Raymond Boni, Cheikh Lo and Hakim Hamadouche. During the 80"s involvement with theatre productions brings him to tour in Europe with two companies (ILOTOPIE and GENERIK V APEUR). ln 1990 he moves to Portugal and starts on a different discipline. He moves to the country rebuilds a house, has two children, Tara and Bo and dedicates himself to treeplanting, land management and biological agriculture. ln the late 90s he forms a trio with Patrick Brennan and Gregg Moore (ALTERED NATIVES) which performs in Spain and Portugal. ln 2003 he retums to the city, Lisbon, where he takes up his artistical practices again (painting, music, poetry as welI as land management). He begins an intense intelIectual and artistic partnership with MUMTAZ, signing their colIaborations under the name Mumtazin. ZIN speaks and writes in Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. At the moment he lives and works in Lisbon and around.

Planting, Spain 2004
Flags, Lisbon 2005
Playing, Montemor 2004

Knock on wood

Knock on wood - ZIN, Street instalation, Lisbon 2007

de coração

de coração - ZIN, instalation at Kolovrat lab, Lisbon 2008

Dar Bandeira

Festival Cidade Pre ocupada, Montemor-o-novo 2010

Nature & Nature
Terra Livre, Sintra 2010


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