The Graven Hawk

From the Adventures of Nith Fordee


To make a bride cry on her wedding day is a grave sin, just below mutiny and just above wasting good wine.  Yet, I will tell you the story of a brigand who committed this unforgivable act and still found forgiveness from those that were wronged.


This was many years ago, when Admiral Gerrel had only recently become a Commodore.  I myself, humble old Nith, was not yet a member of the Admiral’s crew.  No, I still sailed as the famous privateer Nith Fordee, Captain of the Lady’s Retribution, the most feared ship under sail.

On a crisp spring afternoon, Admiral Gerrel held an elegant ceremony for the marriage of his daughter, the lovely Fayanne, to Lord Ingrin the second son of the Baron of Odcil.  It brought out the best of society.  Lords and ladies attended, ministers of state, several guardians of the Vor Parl order, and even prince En-Kenika, brother of our King Ar-Brunalos.  There were also a few scoundrels and rogues, most notably myself.

I considered it a great honor to be invited to such an event.  Most people considered me a pirate instead of the noble privateer captain I was.  However, I had saved the Admirals life at the battle of Musable, and he had been instrumental in securing for me a privateer’s commission from the King.  Nonetheless, to be invited to his daughter’s wedding was a great honor, and I brought a gift worthy of such veneration.



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