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Welcome to my collection of toy robots, astronauts, tinplate & diecast model road vehicles including 007 James Bond items.



        .....Above - Horikawa New Fighting Robot & Mr. Patrol with Siren


.Horikawa - Golden Gear Robot & Silver Ray Secret Weapon Space Scout



..................................Marx Mr. Mercury Robot


...Above - Yonezawa Mechanical Moon Robot & Cragstan Great Astronaut

Check out the links above for details of each robot, and their YouTube videos. 5 second picture delay, showing a quantity of toys in my collection.

Rosco Alps Rocket Man, Alps Door Robot, Alps Television Spaceman, Alps Moon Explorer Robot, Alps Mr. Robot The Mechanical Brain, Nomura X-70 Tulip Head Robot, Yoshiya Mighty Robot & many others including a collection of Horikawa SH Trademark Robots & Astronauts - Brown Attacking Martian, rear gold 'fly eye' Swivel-O-Matic & Mr. Hustler Robot, Attacking Martian with medallion doors, Piston Head Robot, Rotate O Matic, Horikawa Gear Robot with speed control, Horikawa Roto Robot, Swivel O Matic, silver & gold Horikawa Attacking Martian, Horikawa Fighting Robot

 Website updated - 12th September 2019 - See all of these in the links at top of site -  Planet Robot blue wind up with rubber hands - Lilliput Robot by Tim Tom Toys - New Video Cragstan Alps Great Astronaut Robot - SH Horikawa Piston Robot - Dark Brown Body - SH Horikawa Mr, Zerox robot 2nd Version - Golden Warrior Hong Kong Star Wars Storm Trooper robot - Hong Kong Silver Warrior robot - Horikawa Super Space Attacker robot - Yonezawa Diamond Planet robot by Brian Hayes - Horikawa Golden Gear Robot Frankonia Toys - Three Horikawa golden fly eye head robots - Daiya Space Conqueror S-5 Astronaut and video - YouTube video of HaHa silver Thunder Robot, reproduction of Asakusa prototype original -  Mr. Lem Lunar Excursion Man robot - Dynamo Space X-9 Robot 3D printed by Brian Hayes - Galoob Galaxy Warrior robot made in Hong Kong - Osaka Tin Toy Institute OTTI  repro Rosko Astronaut  robot in red - Marx Mr. Mercury Robot - Horikawa SH New Fighting Robot and box - Bandai Mr. Robot  Jr. Junior See Thru - 3D printed Roboter 700 robot by Brian Hayes of Alphadrome - Alphabot Robot by John Rigg 2009 video now with flashing beacon - Horikawa Golden 'Super Mars King' robot AKA 'Super Astronaut Rotate O Matic' - Space Tank ME 091 with Robby Robot driver, Made in China rarer version -  Plastic Mego Clifford Giant Robot  Made in Hong Kong  1970s - Corgi 270 1st early silver version 007 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 - Rare light  pale blue 106A/OC Spot-On BMC Austin Prime Mover with MGA in crate - Horikawa Excavator Robot 1st version - Yonezawa Mechanical Moon robot AKA Ribbon Head Robby robot reproduction - SH Horikawa Mr Patrol with Siren robot - Horikawa Radar Robot with Television Screen - Hong Kong plastic Space Warrior & Super Astronaut Star Wars robots - Alps Planet Explorer X-1 space tank - John Rigg 3D printed Nando il robot telecomando - Mexican Robot 3D printed by John Rigg - Another Made in Bulgaria RO3 Space Explorer Robot, this one with a label affixed  that translates as Neptune ?? -  Group of John Rigg robots, Mr Servo, Alpha Strider, Jaggernaut, Foki, Alpha Rama robots - Ivory Cream White interior Corgi 271 Aston Martin DB5 James Bond  car  1/36 scale - Sankei Flashy Jim R7 robot - Mr. Servo & Alpha Strider John Rigg robots - Lone Star Dan Dare Ray Gun Pistol - Alpha-Rama Mechanized Alphabot Robot by John Rigg, based on Bender from Futurama - Bulgarian Robots RO1 RO2 RO3 -Pogot Hex Head  Soviet era Russian wind up plastic Robot -  SH Horikawa Super Astronaut robot - Bandai 4022 VW Volkswagen Sedan Beetle with opening driver's Door - John Rigg Jaggernaut Mechanized Alphabot Robot - Cragstan Great Astronaut robot, Alps - Moon Robot by Yonezawa  AKA Ribbon Head Robby Robot - Cam-10 Robot - Hawker Siddeley Harrier Jump Jet - R-1 Rescue Robot by Rocket USA - video Horikawa Engine Gear Robot with Electronic Room - Horikawa Golden Roto-Robot and video, Sunbeam Rapier saloon car Hong Kong Plastic - Masudaya Modern Toys Walking Knight in Armour robot - Durham M101 Aston Martin Secret Ejector James Bond remote control Car - Daiya Ranger Robot - Shackleton Foden FG Flatbed Lorry - Triang Minic Hillman Minx electric model car - Horikawa Red Fly Eye Robot Head Rotate-O-Matic - Bandai VW Beetle with driver figure and visible working engine in 4 colours - Franklin Mint 1969 Triumph Bonneville - SH Horikawa Dino Robot original  & YouTube video - Bulgarian Electromechanical Robot, Made in Bulgaria - Marx Bristol 188 Jet Aeroplane - Volkswagen Nomura R-10 Space Patrol Car - BCM Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol - Honda CB72 250 Dream Super Sport Superhawk motor cycle -  KO Yoshiya boxed Jupiter robot - 1956 Forbidden Planet Film Posters - Corgi Juniors James Bond OHMSS, On Her Majesty's Secret Service set - Agente Especial Spain Aston Martin DB5 - Masudaya Modern Toys Walther PPK pistol & Thunderball Speedboat - Space Evil robot in green and burgundy - Nomura Batman Robot - Yoshiya Gang of Five large scale skirted robots - Laserbot by Botoy Tai Way Shing Kee Toys - Trendmasters Iron Giant remote control robot - RM Heli-Robot propeller Helicopter Robot - MTH Mikes Toy House Mr. Atomic Robot silver - Bandai Volkswagen Beetle with driver figure sedan group colours, copper bronze, red & blue - Toy State, ToyState make Goldfinger James Bond  007 Aston Martin DB5 with lights & sound - Yonezawa Space Explorer robot, transforms from a TV set to walking robot - Yonezawa M-27 Moon Explorer YouTube video - Cragstan Daiya big red Astronaut - 5  extra Youtube vidoes added, Nomura X-70 Tulip Head, Horikawa Golden Attacking Martian, Horikawa Big Head Red Fly Eye Attacking Martian, Hong Kong Plastic Astronaut from the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odessey - Triang Spot On model collection - M101 James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 tin car showing exposed working parts - 'Gang of Five' Space Walk Man  robot 'YouTube' video - Hallmark 2009 Robby Robot Christmas Ornament Keepsake from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet - Audio added to home page & Robby Mechanized Robot Album - SJM Taiwan Piston Robot, Horikawa copy - YouTube Videos of Yoshiya Mighty Robot, Horikawa Silver Ray Secret Weapon Space Scout, Horikawa Space Explorer TV Astronaut, Horikawa Rotate-O-Matic Astronaut,TN Nomura X-70 Tulip Head robot & KO Yoshiya Mighty Robot, Horikawa Mr. Hustler robot head version video - Alps Bandai Moon Explorer Robot circa 1966 - Bandai Volkswagen Beetle Politie police car made for the Dutch Holland market, 1960s Cragstan Yonezawa Talking Robot video - KO Yoshiya Venus wind up robot - Imai Captain Patrol robot, Bandai Missiler robot, Metal House Space Evil robot in burgundy - Marx Hong Kong 007 plastic Aston Martin DB5 - Dark Gray Gilbert 007 Aston Martin tin car - Cragstan Modern Toys (Masudaya) Knight in Armor Target Game - Kinsman Robot Machine Conveyer video - 1956 Nomura C cell UM-2 battery Robby Mechanized Robot, Tin Tom Toys 2003 Catalog, Rosko Alps Rocket Man in Space Armor - Horikawa Silver Ray Secret Weapon Space Scout - Popy Robocon Teacher Sanshu Gantsu Fruit Machine Bandit Robot, Horikawa Mr. Hustler Robot head version, Russian Wind Up, Miss Melody The Musical Girl Robot - Arnold Mac 700 motor cycle Made in Germany  Below -  Horikawa SH Trademark Robots & Astronauts - Brown Attacking Martian, rear gold 'fly eye' Swivel-O-Matic & Mr. Hustler Robot, Attacking Martian with medallion doors, Piston Head Robot, Rotate O Matic, Horikawa Gear Robot with speed control, Horikawa Roto Robot, Swivel O Matic, silver & gold Horikawa Attacking Martian, Horikawa Fighting Robot..  


.......... ...... .........................................

....See Mr. Mercury, Astroman and Ranger in action in the link 'YouTube Toy Videos'

   Dux Astroman Emma Gibbens

I am based near Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. and have been collecting toys of all types for many years. During the last few years my interest slowly turned to robots, I have a relatively small collection compared to others. Hopefully I will acquire a few more in the years ahead. Thank you for visiting my site, hope you enjoyed it. You can leave a message in the link 'Feel free to comment'.


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Robot artwork 1

Robot artwork 2

Mr. Mercury robot artwork by Emma Gibbens

Alps Moon Explorer Robot box art

Sinister Creep Robot box art by Comet Toys - Robert G. Johnson