Moricetown Place Society

A Voice for All Nations

Mission Statement...


"Moricetown Place Society encourages others to learn, grow and achieve by improving the quality of life among all people through employment, social, cultural, eduation and health services made available to all walks of life regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation."



  • To offer programs & services to members on and off reserve;
  • To promote healthy living among all people of all ages;
  • To encourage members to become active in leadership;
  • To advocate for cultural preservation;
  • To inspire students of all ages to further their education;
  • To provide resources to members acquiring self-sustainability;
  • To establish stronger relations with other Aboriginal entities;
  • To help build capacity in other First Nations Communities;
  • To cooperate with local members in building partnerships with local, provincial and national service providers and government agencies.

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