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Episode Guide

Movies From the Crypt Episode Guide: Season One

This page tells you what movie(s) we made fun of on all of our still-going episodes.

Season One:

Ep.1: Rated R for Retarded, Pokemon: Phsycic Surprise, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Digimon, Pokemon: Bye-Bye Butterfree

Ep.2: Soccer Pals, Mystic Knights of Nanoo, Pokemon: The Movie 3.

Ep.3: A Year without Santa

Ep.4: Annabelle's Wish (Christmas Special)

Ep.5: Bluebeard, Dead Men Walk (Halloween Special)

Ep.6: Trials of Life

Ep.7: Willy the Sparrow

(End of Season One)

Movies From the Crypt Episode Guide: Season Two

Ep.1: Last Man on Earth

Ep.2: Indestructible Man

Ep.3: Beast of Yucca Flats (With Short, Superman vs. The Arctic Giant)

Ep.4: Plan 9 from Outer Space

Ep.5: The TV Special (We make fun of TV shows)

Ep.6: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (With Short: Mechanical Monsters)

Ep.7: Astro-Zombies

Ep.8: Invisible Ghost

Ep.9: The Human Monster (With Short: Ena Lake Lodge Promo Video)

Ep.10: Carnival of Souls

Movies From the Crypt Episode Guide: Season Three

Ep. 1: The Skydivers

Ep.2: The Creeping Terror

Ep.3: Warning from Space

Ep.4: The Shorts Special, Part One.

Ep.5: Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Ep.6: Dragonheart

Ep.7: Assignment: Outer Space

Ep.8: Beginning of the End (With Short: EcoTours)

Ep.9: Bloodlust! (With Short: Magic Mummy)

Ep.10: Bibleman (With Shorts: This is Coffee, Ecotours Part Two)

Ep.11: Santa Claus Conquers the Martains (With Short: A Visit to Santa)

Ep.12: The Shorts Special: Part Two

Ep.13: The White Gorilla (With Short: Electric Earthquake)

Ep.14: Star Odyssey

Ep.15: The Brain that Wouldn't Die (With Short: Eureka!)


Movies From the Crypt Episode Guide: Season Four

Ep.1: The Last Woman on Earth (With Short: Home Movies)

Ep.2: The Torture Chamber of Doctor Sadism

Ep.3: The Screaming Skull (With Shorts: The Making of Eureka & Bus Nut)

Ep.4: Attack Force 'Nam

Ep.5: Commander Lawin

Ep.6: Night of the Living Dead

Ep.7: Bronx Executioner

Ep.8: The Bat (With short: Roatan Shark Diving Instructional Video)

Ep.9: Alien Contamination/The Brain Machine

Ep.10: The Giant Gila Monster (With short: Summerscape 2007 Memories Video)

Ep.11: Dracula and his Brides

Ep. 2: The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 1)

Ep.13: The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 2)

Ep.14: Revolt of the Zombies (With short: Installing Your Pond's Well)

Ep.15: Attack of The Giant Leeches

Movies From The Crypt Episode Guide: Season Five

Ep.1: High Risk

Ep.2: The Terror (With Short: The Safest Place)

[Season Five is still in production]


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