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A new website is up at now!

Mouse Avoider Version 0.9 Released

Mouse Avoider Version 0.9 has been released.  This version is mainly in "improvement" phase over the others, with only 1.8 new levels (20% of a boss in world 5, as it was 80% done in version 0.8, and 60% of a level that will be complete in the next version), but multiple improvements and bug fixes on almost every other level in the game.

To fit this new version being released, the details of the main updates are on the download page, whearas the bugs reporting page has been updated to allow you to report bugs for version 0.9.  It has also been updated to allow you to suggest improvements that you would like to see made to certain levels (not level designs or new graphics, but things like the improved tutorial).

If you enjoy Mouse Avoider, join the forums to gain access to exclusive content you won't get anywhere else on the web.  It's free and easy to register, and all you need is an e-mail address, for example GMail (AKA Google Mail).

Download Page Updates (02/04/07)

The downloads page has been updated with a link to the PowerPoint Viewer 2003 download page on the Microsoft website, so that those without PowerPoint can still play Mouse Avoider.

Updates to the site. (01/04/07)

The "Report a Bug" page has been updated, other than that, nothing new.

Flash (02/03/07)

A few of you might have noticed that I have added a flash button to download Mouse Avoider!

To view and use flash, you need Adobe Flash Player, downloadable at:

I'm not getting much time to work on Mouse Avoider lately but version 0.9 should be up by the latest of early May.

Mouse Avoider Version 0.8! (26/01/07)

 Mouse Avoider Version 0.8 has been released!  Download it today!  Also check out the new Forums when you have time!


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