Mossy Springs Ranch

Exotic Horned Sheep for Breeders

Our Mission At Mossy Springs

   Here at Mossy Springs Ranch we strive to breed quality rare horned sheep. We are really excited to be able to save rare breeds of sheep that people have seem to either forgotten about or just don't know they exist.  We collect these rare breeds and try to improve the special qualities they possess. We are true collectors of Horns. This can be a very difficult job as many folks have found out  hence the rarity of some breeds. If you  would like to help save the special animals and have questions please feel free to call.

We are always looking for rams with 30" plus horns. If you have one or know of someone who does please contact us. We are looking for  rare & quality breeding stock to add to our gene pool. 

We invite anyone that is going to be in our neighborhood to call and make arrangements to come by and visit. We are located outside a little town called Santa Fe, Mo.(Near Mark Twain Lake about an hour drive north &east of Columbia MO). It is considered in Northeast Missouri.

 We have met allot of really nice people who are interested in raising these lovable rare sheep. We are currently taking orders for lambs that will be born this winter/spring and for those who like bottle babies we always have several available of all ages. Warning: Bottle babies tend to change your lifestyle to a REAL sheep lover.  We also want to thank everyone who has visited our site and emailed. Tom & Nancy Richardson   (573)-685-2299  or email   



White Cloud

 White Cloud is a rambalette sheep whose sire was "Rambo" who had horns that measured 42" on each side with a base of  13 " When he finally  passed on.  White Cloud has a much milder temperment than his daddy. I believe this is from being raised by hand with alot of attention from us.  White Cloud is a good breeder. We measured whiteclouds horns on April 17th 2011 and they were over 35" long.  He is working on getting a set of horns like his dad hopefully he will grow several inches this year. (This is an old photo I have to get out and take another .)  We lent him to our vet to sire his 2011 lambs. He had very good results with alot of twins and even a set of triplets! 


More Websites

We have started a new site dedicated to our RACKA SHEEP. You will find many photos and information about these wonderful sheep.

This site is for those who like or hunt arrowheads.


Dogs on the farm!

We save a little pup who was dumped on our farm 4 years ago at about Christmas time. We called him "Bubba". Bubba is a good dog he doesn't like the sheep and will not go into a field with them unless he can get in and out unnoticed. ( An experienced ewe with a young lamb corned him in a fence and commenced to raise her leg and kick at him. He cold not escape until we came and got him.) So much for working sheep but he is fantastic at barking and warding off coyettees as well as catching coons and opposums who raid my chickens! We fnally got him a girl friend this past fall and just about a month ago she blessed us with 8, yes 8 babies for a first time litter. We will need no more puppies so she will be spayed as soon as possible. "Bandit" as we call her was also a rescue puppy . We have no idea of her background but she looks border collie. She is mostly a watch dog for now barking when someone drives in. We do not use dogs to work our sheep. Just a bucket of grain and a little yelling to get their attention. Here are some pictures of "Bandit and her babies" And the proud daddy "Bubba".

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