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of course


of course we drink, we were born to drink, we were put on this earth with a twisted leg, too

broken to fly and too proud to beg, a thief's bravado, a tinker's dam, a knockout punch but a

spun-glass jaw, a rule book soaked in gasoline, a big broken heart with a sucking wound, a

funeral smirk and a wang dang doodle, a smoker's hack, a nod and a wink,

of course we drink,

we were born to drink.


of course we lie, we were born to lie, we arrive here wired to invent and create, we

spin elegant webs and then it's too late, it's fiction, it's friction, the truth's too plain, the

original language is the one we use, weaving colorful fabric with no thread on the spool,

everything's possible, give it a shot, why settle for something that's just not enough, the

original alchemists, reckless and flawed, daring to break what we've been told is law, it's

just not enough to be born and then die, so

of course we lie,

we were put here to lie.



of course we steal, we were made to steal, put here with a hunger that's

never sated, our dreams are tin, those others gold-plated, we're just righting the

scales, so wrongfully tipped, because unfairness festers, unfairness infests, it must

be addressed so we give ourselves gifts because someone forgot, and the

world's in grave danger if we can't love ourselves, it's all there on the shelves just

waiting for us, why shame ourselves with requests and appeals,

of course we steal,

we were made to steal.



of course we drink, we were born to lie, we steal from the clock and we steal

from death, we lie to ourselves about our need to drink, and we drink to forget the

lies and the theft, we steal to drink and we drink to lie and we lie to explain to a

dangerous world that to steal is simply to move a thing, that a lie's a creation, a poem,

a game, and to drink is to let God's tears drop on your tongue, with broken fingers we

reach towards the light,

so of course we write,

of course we write.



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