Morning Glory Minis Rabbitry

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     Morning Glory Minis Rabbitry

ARBA Resgistered Rabbitry # Z279



MGM's Sebastian BOSB, MGM's QT BOB

Lancaster 11/20/10

We are a  small rabbitry located just outside of Santa Maria, on the central coast of California. They are considered a medium, compact breed. Senior weight is 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 lbs. Ours average around 6 1/4 lbs. for the does, and 6 lbs for the bucks. They are shown in 2 varieties, broken and solid. 


 We are all members of the ARBA and MLRCA. The kids are members of their club they founded in November 2006, the Golden State Youth Mini Lop Club. Shianne is also the District 2 Youth Director for the Mini Lop Club of America.

Heidi, Shianne, Kaitlynn, & Noah

2007/2008 Sweepstakes Standings

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2006/2007 Sweepstakes Standings

5th Place in the Nation for Sweepstakes Points

14th in the Nation for Quality Points

Youth Breeders of the Year for District 2

14th in the Nation for Youth Herdsman

MGM's Wyatt Earp #1 for TOP LOP!!

MGM's Faith placed #6 for Top Lop!

1st place District 2 Sweepstakes



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