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A very special woman is having a birthday. This page and site was created for her as a gift so that she could share with the world all of her glory. She has meant more to my life than words can ever express.

By nature, she is my aunt; by law, she is my sister; by example, she is my mother; by experience, she is my friend; but by heart, she is more than any of these things, she is an extension of my very being ? my soul!

She has always been there to listen, to counsel, to love and encourage me. I have no doubt that she will be there for me for the rest of my life. Because there is a bond that is never-ending between us, I know that if it is possible, she will guide and support me even after this life.

She is one of the most wonderful spirits that God has ever created. Her talents are countless. Her heart is kind and charitable. Her mind is brilliant. Her arms are always open. Her wisdom is beyond belief.

She is...

Everything To Me!

I will love her forever and always.

May 2003

In Loving Memory of Marilyn


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