The Montgomery County History Center



                             Sciola Church

Once upon a time there was a small community in northeast Montgomery County along the West Nodaway River. It was called Sciola. It once had a railroad depot and the first post office in the county. The depot is gone as is the post office and even the town itself. All that remains is the lonely little church and a small cemetery. The church is now under threat, the threat of non-use. The Montgomery County History Center would like to save this little country church. If you are interested or think you could help contact us.

                            News Flash!

We just got an estimate on moving cost, approximately $30,000 and we have raise just over a third of that. We need just a little more help and we can save it. Just think last year Pilot Grove Church was burned and Morton Mills Church is about to become ashes. So you can still help save the oldest church in Montgomery County, 1871!

Our plan is to move it the Montgomery County History Center and have it available for tours and events like weddings. Have your wedding in a little country church and just go next door for the reception!

                             Endangered Species!



                               New Raffle!

Another Chance to Win! 

            Have you ever met one of those people, who say they never win anything? I think most of have. Well if you run into Dirk Dunn of Villisca and if he tries to tell you that he never wins anything, do not believe him. The Montgomery County History Center is doing a series of drawing to earn money for the History Center and to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, and Mr. Dunn was the lucky winner of our first drawing (1861 to 2011). He won a reproduction of an 1860 Colt Army revolver. Then in 2012, Peggy DeHart won the Confederate Musket. Our newest winner, Martin Rocke from Council Bluffs.

            There are at least three Confederate veterans buried in the county. Plus, Montgomery County had two notable African-Americans, who served and there was a huge contribution by the women of Montgomery County. So in line with that, for 2014 we are raffling a Special High Standard Commemorative revolver with numbered and matching Confederate bowie knife, but not just any revolver.  The set is over fifty years old and practically an antique itself.

             Tickets are on sale at the History Center, they are $5 each or 6 for $25. Only 300 will be sold and the drawing will be held when they are gone or December, which ever comes first.


                       *Fundraising Auction*                        

The History Center is going to be fundraising this spring to help raise money for operations at the History Center. We are looking for items for donation preferably vintage and/or unique to be used for an auction. Donations are tax deductible and go for a great cause.

*Please be advised, nothing from the History Center's collection will be auctioned strictly donated item for the auction, and the History Center reserves to right to keep any item that is significant to local  history, but you will still receive your deduction.