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"Every mom is a Mommy Talk! mom"   

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Moms of all ages, Aunts, Sisters, Grandmothers too, this site was made just for you!

Please take time to visit all the different areas of the website. Mommy Talk! is updated daily and you will likely always find something new.


Welcome to Mommy Talk!'s Official Website!
Update- January 4th, 2007 at 5:32pm EST-

*My husband was in the Bus/Truck accident on US1 in Henderson NC January 2nd so things are extra complicated from now. Updates may be few until he recovers.*
    If you are a mother or angel mother, this website was created with you in mind. New features are added every single day. We strive to add new material often to keep you entertained, & informed. We now offer a Toolbar that features the Official Amber Alert system ticker and we urge you all to install it. We also have new forums and encourage you to sign up and participate. We will be looking for active, dependable members to add as Administrators & Moderators. Many of you have already signed up for our new Chat feature! I am really glad you are enjoying it. We are offering a lot of new features that are easy to use for even someone who knows hardly anything about computers. We make sure to create things that can be used with ease, keeping you in mind. We are also taking applicants for graphics makers and affiliates. If you are interested please email us at  The new Heaven's Playground: Angel Memorial Pages is under construction. It now currently has 60 angels added and I have around 60 more to add. There are new graphics pages with 1000's of blinkies, icons, awareness banners, and more. BUT they are not all up yet. I find it on my list of lower priorities. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please feel free to email me, that offer remains open always and I check my email constantly regardless of how busy I am.
Thank You- Mommy Talk!

The operation Christmas child drive was a success! We were able to donate a lot of boxes filled with wonderful things. I hope to do it again next year with an even higher success rate! Thank you to everyone who donated and gave from your heart. I would also like to announce that Mission Christmas was a half success. I will continue excepting donations for those children well through January maybe February. If you would like to help sponsor a needy child, please please send me an email with the subject line, Mission Christmas! Hioe to hear from more of you soon!

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Mommy Talk! is one of the quickest groups of moms online. With so much to offer and nothing to lose. Everything at Mommy Talk! is 100% free. We even offer you a place to advertise your business on this site. This website is for Moms by a Mom and developing with the help of Moms. However, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers are welcome too. & for those of you trying to conceive, don't be shy.

Our slogan is "Every Mom is a Mommy Talk mom!" At Mommy Talk, you can talk about any and everything that moms love to talk about!

Please feel free to take part in the children's photo contest. There is currently 22 themes and I am accepting 20 entries for all. You may enter your child using the forms found on thecontest page.

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Make a donation to the Mommy Talk! -Remembering Angels Fund

Please feel free to take part in the photo contest. There is currently 21 themes and I am accepting 20 entries for all.
You may enter your child using the forms found on the contest page.

Please take your time and look around the website, if you cannot find what you are looking for, or interested in,
email me at with your suggestion and I will see what I can do

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