Here you will find files to download for thps3

If you have any problems with theses mods or you have mod sugestions or you can send me one of your mods at
now we have a ??/10 rating mods made by members of the modfia will have the ** mods made by outsiders and modfia have only one* also tools that help you mod don't have a rating

Poke'mon League Hat 8/10
Ash's hat from Pok'emon made by Mullen_fan-MOD and Futurama_Freak1-MOD ^_^

*Piccolo From DBZ C-A-S* 9/10
Piccolo from dragonball z made by MullenFan-MOD

*Blue Bace Plate Mod* 5/10
Changes the skateboards bace plate to a blue one just like in thug2

*Burnside Modfia Edtion* 9/10
Burnside level texture conversion to a cool modfia style park

*Thug2 Training Level Textures for Thps3* 6/10
Textures from the thug2 training level for thps3's wherehouse

Modfia Thps3 Video Live Streem
same video below but you dont have to download

Super Jam (out of order)
A Created Park Made by Futu_Freak1-MOD place it in Thps3\Data\Settings\Park And Play!

*hostile homeys skateboard* 8/10
This is hostile homies new skateboard

*Thug 2 HUD 2.0* 8/10
Some files added and fixed up coz i screwed up a bit on the last one but its all fixed now...

*Futurama_Freak1's No Trick String Mod* 9/10
This mod gets rid of the trick string so it juts shows the score eg, 10,450 x10
and comes with an installer to put the trick string back on

*D&D Deck Mod* 6/10
These are my brothers and his friends deck there names are derek and dylan

*Grip Tape and deck* 6/10
Made by B-Dog

*modfia Grip Tape And Deck* 6/10

Made by B-Dog

*B-Dog's Grip Tape and deck* 6/10

The grip tape of B-dogs real sk8board

*Stand Up Mod 9/10*
allows you skater to get off his or her board
Don't Be A Square Stand And Stare!!!

*DC Court Graffik Shoe And Hazchem Devious Shoe 6/10*

new shoes for your c-a-s made by B-Dog!

*Modfia Skate Video 10/10*
A Skateing vid witch stars most of the members of modfia

*Huge Oil Rig Transfer Video 7/10*
this short video has the coolest transfer in the whole game this is the only dangeres video you will ever get to try at home lol

*Installer Made By Modfia*
Level Pack 10/10*
A pack of 3 new levels for thps3 (these levels dont replace any levels you have now they get added to the game also they are NOT created parks) evry member of modfia has to have this level pack becouse when you are playing online we will be playing on these levels alot
even if you have the lost levels mod you still need to download this it gives the levels the correct namesand this one has the skate shop as a playabul level

Super Thps3 File Pack 10/10*
a pack of decks logos shirts created parks its a must have for all pepole

*Installer Made By Modfia*
Puts Oil Rig in the main level select screen (Oil Rig Replaces Roswell)
Screenshot1 Screenshot2

updates the above oil rig mod (i  dont think i did a good job on this update but you judge for yourself and if you dont like it you can always reinstall the origenal oil rig make  it go back to default :)

*Select-a-deck 10/10*
lets you choose what type of deck you would like to use. Eg. ollie the bums deck surfboard and demoneses

*Select-a-deck Update 10/10*
Adds X-Ray's Coffin deck to thps3

*Tommy Versetti Cas 8/10*
Yep thats right Tommy Versetti from vice city all ready for thps3

*Billy Joe Cas 5/10*
This mod puts billy joe from Green day into thps3!

*Hover & Non-Hover Board mod 6/10*
Makes the trucks and wheels dissapere comes with un instaler to make them apear again

*Not Made By Modfia*
Bigger & Smaller Cas Hex 7/10
Makes your cas RELLY RELLY TINY OR F***ING Huge

*Realistic Sound FX 9/10*
Makes the in game sound fx more realistic

*Cheapskates_Deck_and_Grip_Installer 5/10*
the name says it all made by: B-Dog

*Not Made By Modfia*
Hex editor
allows you to edit the .qb files to change the names ogf tricks and gaps n stuff
i will not give anyone advise on how to use it im new at it

*Not Made By Modfia*
Tdx Editor
alows you to edit the levels texture files and others texturs to

*Not Made By Modfia*
Clickteam Install Creator
Use it to create installers for your thps3 mods and meny other things

Oh No! No More Mods! but dont even think we have finnished! we are merly scratching the surface of sothing or another I forget just hold on were creating mods wile you read this or maby we just finnished one or maby w...

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