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-Private Investigator (State of Wisconsin) - Experienced,  Proven, and Expert  
-Civil and Criminal Investigations - taking private and  public defender cases.  
-Pre-sentence Investigations/PSI's/Alternative  Memorandums/Sentencing Mitigation (See Description Below)
-Process Servers
-Providing Notary Services
**10 plus experience                                                                                          

Pre-sentence Investigation Memorandums (Sentencing Mitigation or Alternative PSI's) are private/independent sentencing recommendations.   After a conviction, taking the family history and the individuals circumstances that has brought them to their current condition and presents the information to the Court to help the Court see the individual, not just a case number.  It is always recommended to have a private/independent sentence recommendation that takes your social history into account for an independent sentence recommendation. 

**10 Plus years of proven experience, professionalism, expert court testimony


Member:  PAWLI  (Former Member - Board of Directors - 4 years)- WATCP - NLADA - NASAMS - WASAMS - ACFE  -  NCISS   -  NISP -  Vice President, Broken Wings Network, Investigations for the families of persons who are missing or murdered.


  Member - MOH (Man of Honor Society)

Mitigation is the biography of mental disability.  It is the explanation of what influences converged in the years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to the capital crime, and how information was processed in a damaged brain.  It is a basis for compassion - not an excuse.

Russ Stetler

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS - PROFESSIONAL, PROVEN AND EXPERIENCED!  We have contacts nationwide in all aspects of investigations, so we are able to utilize services that helps attorneys and private persons with their needs, regardless of the situation.

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