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My Astrophotography

I'm not really into astrophotography but I've tried my hand at it with just a digital camera up to the eyepiece to see what I could get.

These Images Were Taken Through My 4 1/2 Inch Reflector,

Then Processed and Adjusted On the Computer  (All Descriptions Are Below Their Images)   

Here is one of My Best Images Taken of the Moon.

Here is An Image of Venus, about Half Phase.

So far This is My Only Image of the Red Planet, Mars.

This is Jupiter, Unfortunitly this is As Good As it Gets Through a 4 1/2 inch.

Here is My Best Image of the Ringed Giant. Saturn Appeared Much Better Through the Telescope, But I Did Clearly Get the Rings in This Image. 

Here Are Images Taken Through My 8 inch Dobson,

Then Processed and Adjusted On the Computer                           

(All Descriptions Are Below Images)

This Image is of Mars. I Couldn't Get My Camera Exposure Low Enough to Show Any Surface Detail.

This is Jupiter, I Guess Because I'm Using An 8 inch and A More Sensitive Digital Camera Set At the Highest Exposure Level You Can't See Any Planetary Detail. I Did However Get All Four Galilean Moons, I Don't Know the Order Though. Also, You Can Clearly See The Four Galilean Moons.

This Image was taken During the November 27-28th Eclipse (2004). It is Not Very Good Because I Had to Take It Through Small Openings In the Clouds. That Also Made It Hard to Determine a Good Focus. But Anyway, it Was Taken Around 9:40, so the Eclipse Was At It's Begining. Overall It's a Decent Image.


This is Alberio, it is a famous double star. Because one star apears gold and the other blue and they are so close together they really make each other stand out. In the image though the brighter Gold star was quite white so I Enhanced a bit so you see a slight bit of the Golden color to  the brighter star.

Here's Basically My First Picture of a Star Cluster. This is M45, The Pleadies. They Are Very Bright and Can Be Seen Easily Naked Eye. People Look at Them All the Time and Never Notice. You Can Even See More Stars Than Are in This Picture Naked Eye! They Look Really Neat Through Binoculars Too. (This Image is Distorted a Bit)  


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