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*Updated 6/26/08* Hope To Update Again In - 2019!

New: I sequenced my pages to the order I built the scopes, poured a pitchlap for the 8" Mirror. 

I decided to make a homepage picture. Here you can see all my projects. Front left is my finished 4.5" plate glass mirror, and to its lower right is the pyrex tool I had a pitchlap on to figure with. To the very right is a recently gotten 8" mirror that I have to finish polishing then figure. In the second row left to right is my finished 10", an old commerical 10" mirror up for sale, and a thin 10" blank for a later project. Third row is a 16" thin plate glass blank which will eaither be cut into smaller blanks, used as a tool, or saved until I have the skill to tackle it. To the right of that is a 12.5" full-thickness pyrex blank I plan to later make and then sell, too many other projects going! And of course very back is me, and my first 6" scope. Construction of the telescopes for my finished 10" and 4.5" mirrors is going on. That about sums it up!

     Hey, Welcome to my website! My name is Mitchell; I'm 17 years old and in my summer before junior year of high school. This site is dedicated to my Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) projects. Telescope making is a great hobby that I enjoy and there are many other people out there who make telescopes too, many of which I thank for their help(Hi Guys!). It is a dynamic hobby that brings together many different skills. I have been into astronomy for over five years. I've won a few awards for my interests in the sciences. I also am a member and Qualified Observer at my local observatory, located about 10 minutes from my house, the Paul Robinson Observatory. Right now my main project is the construction of my home built 10" scope! Currently, I'm building the scope structure. Check it out on my 10" home built page. After this I am going to continue on and build bigger and better scopes! Please check back frequently, I update my site often. Mitchell

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