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What's New


Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have finished the long awaited MHB Crystal Costume Entry and promptly sold it to a new owner to enjoy :)


Yes, I have begun a Studio Blog for anyone who is interested in what I'm up to.


Added Vicky Norris' Egyptian Dancing Horse Costume to the costume gallery.


Happy April Fools!
I updated the Costume and Winners section with a couple of entries and changed the home page picture.


Wow, it's been a while! I've been busy working on my backlog, and with a few exceptions,
I think I'm finally almost ready to take commissions again. I have put up pictures of two
drafter stud bridles on the Other Tack page that I made to fit Debbi Lermond's
Peasant Stomper resin, and will have pictures of several costumes I've made over the winter months.
I think it's time to separate out a special "Halters" page and start working on re-vamping the site.

Yes, I am returning to Breyerfest once again to the Artisan Gallery this year! The theme is
"Global Gallop", and I'm thinking of finally working on that darn Hungarian Bridle design.
Hmm... we'll see.


Happy 4th of July!

Added a sneak peek on the main page of one of my offerings at the Artisan Hall @ Breyerfest 2006!
I'm nearly finished with the edition of Jahangir halters. 4 more to go!


Updated the Other Tack page with two new halters for Maggie Bennett and Jenn Miller.


Updated the OTHER TACK section with pages of some long overdue
halters that needed pictures. PLUS: Maggie Bennett's custom native halter for Zim!


I've been busy seeing GREEN for the past few months!
Updates the COSTUME page with my new green personal show string costume and
a circus arabian costume for Maggie Bennett's new resin Shah Azim.

Updated the IN PROGRESS page at last and took down the purple one that was stolen last year.


I've updated the Other Tack page with pictures of my first AA scale
Roman Chariot harness project! Proudly owned by Natalie Wolfer.


Updated the Other Tack page with 3 newly finished halters!


Updated the Costume page with a few new pictures and my Emerald
Showring Style costume. New photos of the LB Portuguese Bullfighting Costume too!

I'm remaking the custom orders for Vanessa McGovern and Sharron Dunning. They were
among several of my costumes stolen this past Easter.

I will be attending Breyerfest 2005 this year as a vollunteer demonstrator
at the Hobby Information Booth! Feel free to stop by and watch me work on
medieval, arabian and stablemate tack!


Finished with the custom order for Vanessa McGovern!
Take a sneek peek here:

I'm also working on a traditional sheik style costume
for Deborah McDermott, you can see the progress here.


Made it to beautiful (and cold) Missouri!

Here's a sneak peek at my own new SM saddle:


Updated Winners section.

I've been quite busy since December! I've managed to create another Traditional
scale costume for Debbi LerMond's new resin "Rasha" in green, black and gold
in just one week in time for Kitty's No Snow Show. I have several orders I've got
up my sleeve, but since I'm moving temporarily to Missouri, I'm putting the creativity
on hold for a few weeks. Wish me luck!


Tan Desert Shiek Arabian Costume for Terra Pennington- FINISHED!



Working on a tan costume for Terra Pennington.


New! Paddock Pals/Little Bit size Native Arabian Halter added! Click below!


SM Native Costume finished! Now owned by Deborah McDermott



Started a new SM/mini arabian costume!


I have added an "In Progress" page for my current projects. Click on the costume to see more!

I also took some better pictures of the SM Blue Arabian Costume. Click the thumbnail below!


Finally! A page added for the native arabian costume made specifically for Sham - in scale!



New pictures of my red costume on a beautiful Palomino Freedom resin owned by the Bucklers!

Picture links fixed on SM Blue Costume page.



Pictures added to COSTUME and OTHER TACK pages.

WINNERS page updated!

Sorry for the terrible backrounds in the new pics, they were taken at a show ;-)