the black citadel

Overlord Unit

The chaos dwarves of Zharr Naggrund are consumate slavers, there raiding parties striking eficiantly at all races in the old world. There labour and menial work are performed by these slaves. In war these slaves are driven forward in great hordes, though not far from the eyes of there chaos dwarf over lords, who care litle for there survival.


Certain units in the chaos dwarf army are described as overlord units, all of these units follow the following rules

  • All complsory core choices must be filled by overlord units
  • Overlord units  never suffer from panic caused by Slave units
  • An army may never include more Slave units than it does Overlord units 

Slave Unit

The halls and towers of the Dawi Zharr are poplated by the Chaos Dwarves them selves, served by huder of slaves taken from the many races of the old world, this trend continues into there armies, where the elite dwarves are supported by hordes of slaves, driven by heartles chaos dwarf slavers.


Certain units in the Chaos Dwarf army are desribed as Slave units  they all follow these rules

  • Slave units can never hold table quaters or count a scoring units for claiming an objective
  • If at the begining of he compulsery movemnt part of the turn there are no Overlord units within 6" of the slave unit they must take a leadership test or flee towards the nearest board edge exactly as if they had just panicked. if there is a slaver in the unit they may use his leadership
  • Slaves are deployed as skirmishers but can never negate rank bonus even if they charge in the flank or rear. If there is a slaver in the unit they fight as a normal unit however

Unyealding + short


Chaos dwarves are stubborn, implacable foes, in battle they do not stop there advance until they have what they want, or there are no dwarves left

All modles with the unyealding rule may march even when there is an enemy within 8"



Though the Dwai Zharr never give up the chase, they are rather easy to outrun

Chaos Dwarves Flee and Pursue 2d6-1"


Hobgoblin Animosity

Though more ordered than there western cousins, Hobgoblins still find reasons to fight amongst themselves, though this is far less serious than that of the Orcs .

each turn, at the begining of the movement phase before charges are declared, roll 1d6 for every Hobgoblin unit not in combat or fleeing, and apply the following effect

1. eeerm boss, 'es kinda bigg:The hobgoblin unit real away from the enemy in fear of what wll hapen if they get nearer, untill the boss can 'convince' them to get back into the fight

the hobgobin unit must take a Panic Test exactly as if they suffered 25% casualties from shooting

2-5. What ever ya say, boss: the hobgoblins find no problem obeying to orders this time

the hobgoblin unit acts as normal this turn

6. wot did u say, ya dirty little::the hobgoblins have taken offence at one enemy unit and are imediatly ready to teach them a lesson

the hobgoblin unit imedialty moves forward D6" towards the nearest enemyin line of sight, if they have ranged weapons they fire on that unit, but do not count as having moved

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