Adopting Our Daughter - Carys Mink

A Kazakhstan Adoption Story - The Carys Mink Story


This page was created to share our adoption journey with family and friends.  We hope you enjoy reading about us, our travels, our trials, our triumphs and the love we share as a family.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to add to our family through adoption and hope that you enjoy sharing the journey with us through our web site.  We hope you will be as blessed by God as we have been since beginning this experience, and also use it as a learning tool if you plan on adopting from Kazakhstan or some other country. 

Our adoption story for the most part took place during the year of 2005.  So changes in the process could have take place between our adoption process and today.

This website never caught up with the smart phone and pads, so viewing on a PC is the best option to see all pictures.

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