Broken Road Farm

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Some of Our Other Animals at Broken Road Farm 


Above....Our  wonderful  livestock guardian-"Luke"-Our Great Pyrenees when he was a pup. We love him dearly!  He is so smart and has grown into handsome, loving, working dog!!  What a big help he is! Thanks so much to Beth for allowing us to add him to our family! Below is "Luke" with some 'HIS' animals!!  Luke will go wherever we go!


Paladin our "HAVE FARM WILL TRAVEL" mascot.
"Dinny" for short! He is a Chihuahua. Above on the ride home the day we got him, below now~
Above is "CoCo" one of our English Angora rabbits.
These are some of our chickens. We love them all and appreciate all the wonderful eggs they give us!

Zenon-our Yak has been such a fun addition. He's loved wherever we go and we adore him!

We are always striving to find new critters to add to our farm to love and share with others. After much searching, we have found "Pepper", a beautiful tri color appaloosa mini llama. Thanks so much to Mike and Wanda of M&W Miniature Llamas for allowing "Pepper" to come live with us! Not for sale

"Valerie" our Harlequin sheep when she was a baby-Not for sale