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Dunnellons Place Your Bets

Dunnellons Place Your Bets


Dunnellon Gottabe Chelsea AW (B) x Boot Tops Ragin Red Cajun

Born: 7th March 2012

Height: 15"

MDR1: Clear (by parentage)

CEA/CH: Clear (by parentage)

Hereditary Cataracts (HSF4): Clear (by parentage)

Cobalamin Malabsorption: Clear (by parentage)

PRA-prcd: Clear (by DNA test)

Owned by us at Dunnellon Mini  Aussies

Betty enjoying the sunshine!
After having a bath & blow dry

Sweet Betty is the youngest of our dogs. She is such a happy, confident and friendly little girl who loves everybody, She has inherited her Sire Cajun's easy going temperament and she is incredibly affectionate & loving like her Dam Chelsea. 

Betty is very much like her Grand-dam Rizzo in her character. She loves life and is always happy! Betty fetches a toy to show people everytime they arrive, just like Rizzo! She is also a bit of a tom boy like Rizzo and is always in the middle of any playing or running about with the other dogs.

Betty curled up on her favourite spot on our couch! 

Speedy Betty enjoying a run! Betty is very fast and can easily keep up with any of our other dogs.

Betty is always going off up our paddocks & into the Alpaca enclosure on her own as she has worked out how to get through the fence. She jumps up to where the pig wire holes are slightly larger and then she goes sideways through the hole! She's so little that she still manages it even though she is nearly fully grown! She likes to go into the top paddocks where the other dogs can't go and then run up & down the fence teasing them!
Betty was born only a few weeks before my daughter and they already have a special bond. Betty is so gentle and sweet with her. I know that they are going to grow up best of friends and will hopefully enjoy doing agility together when they are both older.

Betty has always been very close to her Aunty Roxie. 

Roxie is very maternal and when Betty stayed here with us instead of going to a new home Roxie was so pleased! She took Betty as her own and mothered her!

The two of them are a real double act and Roxie puts up with a lot from Betty! 

They are often found curled up in the dog beds together or cleaning each others faces.

Sisters together, the only girls of the litter!

Betty enjoying a visit from her sister Roux at Christmas time!
We are looking forward to training and competing in agility with Betty when she is older. She's a very smart girl who loves working for toys or food so we'll have lots of fun with her. Betty will be having her eyes checked, hips scored & elbow scored when she is older.

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