Miniature Fox TerrierRegistry of New Zealand


The NZ Mini Foxy registry is not a club, we are a

registry that is recording the history of all dogs in NZ.

Recording your canines is free to all registry members.

Please contact

If you would like to register your dogs with the

registry we will send out a free certificate for each dog

that is recorded on our data base.

Anyone that is joined on this web site as a member

and breeds Miniature Fox Terriers that are recorded

with this Registry is offered free advertising of their

Litters/kennels/stud Dogs.

 The Miniature Fox Terrier has been bred in NZ for

a long period of time. The breed/name Miniature

Fox Terrier is nationally known in NZ as just that.


We will be recording all information that has been

sent to us in the registry.

Litters whelped, matings,photos of

dogs,history,medical reports,breeders, after a

period of time of recording information we will

have 5 generations of linage of all NZ Miniature

Fox Terriers.

We Will provided copies of recorded information

to the owners for their records FREE OF CHARGE. 

The purpose of having the information of your

dog recorded by our group is to achieve linage

and records of dogs in NZ and become a

recognized breed.