Miner Menagerie Rescue
& Love Animal Sanctuary

Donations Needed

Please use the Paypal link below or make checks payable to Miner Menagerie Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.  628 Transit Ave. Columbia, TN 38401 and keep your check as a receipt for your taxes.

Taken care of properly a dog can cost approximately $100 per month.  When they are taken in they are taken to the vet to be spayed or neutered and given their rabies shot.  I do their regular yearly vaccinations, this saves on the price of the vet visit and the mark up charges on the vaccines.  They get dewormed monthly and frontline put on them for flea and tick infestation. Add in cages, blankets and other medications.

We are taking in Draft horses which consume more hay than a normal size horse.  These animals also require the vet to administer their rabies vaccines and West Nile Virus.  We do their 5 way vaccinations herself.  As well we do as many of the hoof trimmings as possible but some do require the attention of a professional.  Draft Horses are not among the favorites of the farriers to shoe and it currently cost me $100 per foot if they need shoes for medical reasons.  We have to pay for city water, mowing / bush-hogging of the property, land care, and continuous year round fence repair.  They require fly spray, masks to keep flys out of their eye's during the summer months, shavings if they need to be kept in for a medical reason.  We have a 1994 ford F-150 for farm work and hauling hay from the hay barn which requires maintenance and insurance.  Their are always incidentals of medications and pain management drugs that some need daily.   The chance of a vetrinarian emergency is always a possibility.  One sick week with Ned the draft horse cost $7500, on a second occasion $4,000 in a week.  With no unforseen emergencies the cost of one draft horse is around $150 per month.

We realize times are tough right now and many people are laid off and in poor financial positions themselves, but these precious animals still need care and love and financial support from anyone who can spare anything at all to help in saving and making better the lives of these wonderful animals who depend on donations so we may continue helping these animals and be able to resuce many more.  Every donation is greatly appreciated and desperatly needed and will be used to make so many precious lives so much better.  We are working on an adoption program in which you can choose and adopt the specific animals you would like to help and this will give you the opportunity to feel a more one on one relationship with the animal you wish to help care for and support.  Keep watching our website for further details on the adoption program to be posted soon.  Again, thank you in advance for any donation you can provide and we look forward to having a personal opportunity with our donors by hosting Farm Picnics sometime this summer to enable you to visit the animals you are helping to keep alive, happy, and well.

Please let me know if you would like your name to be updated on the site as a donor or if you prefer not to have your name appear for privacy reasons.








 Tonya Miner