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6/16/2012 Norm has had surgery...

The veterinarian removed the cancerous growth on Norm's back leg. We are waiting to hear if he will need chemo. We will be setting up a chipin for anyone that can help us cover his vet bills, or you can use the Paypal button any time. Thank you for helping us save Norm!


Last minute mule rescue... Meet Norm!

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 Here he is at our sanctuary in Tennessee. Enjoying the view!


2/4/2012  Tonight we were able to save a mule that would have been on the slaughter truck to Canada the next morning. He had already gone through auction and was at the broker’s. The Pennsylvania rescue, Another Chance 4 Horses (www.ac4h.com) works with the broker to get videos of the equines and hopefully get them pulled before the trucks leave on Sunday morning each week. We received a video of this john mule on Friday, the 3rd and fell for him.  With our help, a second mule, a bay molly was also saved from slaughter and was brought back to the rescue with our john.

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2/7/2012 The mules arrived safely at the rescue.

You can see more photos and videos here:

With our help, a second mule, a bay molly was also saved from slaughter and will be hitching a ride back to the rescue with our john.

You can see more photos and videos here:

The total cost to pull our john mule from the slaughter pen was $680.

A volunteer has started the 800 mile drive to Pennsylvania with the trailer to pick them up. They will see a vet in the morning for bloodwork and travel papers and we should be able to pick them in the late afternoon. Current estimate on gas/motel for the round trip to pick them up is $700-$800.

Donations may be made via Paypal through the link above or go to our Donations page for snail mail information.  

Updates to come! Thank you! 

Our volunteer made the 1600 mile round trip to pick up these sweet mules. The trip cost $775.

The cost to ship the molly mule the rest of the way to her new home was $550. 

Deworming $10 

Thank you for helping us save lives! 



2/20/2012 Molly mule made it "home" today!

Thank you for helping us save this girl!  

 Here she is in her new home, learning to take a treat! 

And a short video clip from her 6th day in her new home - targeting her halter: 




Thank you for helping us save these lives!

Cydnee W., Texas

Leah J., California 

Susan F., Florida 

Heidi G., Missouri 

Suzanne R., Tennessee

Shannon D., Texas 

Laura G., Texas