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Available Animals on Petfinder

You can also visit us on Petfinder for a list of our adoptable animals (link will open in a new tab or window).

Available animals on petfinder.

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Dingo - available

She is good inside or out. She currently stays outside. Looks like a fox but brindle colored. She is up to date on everything, good with other dogs. I think she would be good with children but I do not have any around her so cannot guarantee this but she is very sweet. 

Murray - available


Rat Terrier Good house dog, male Approx 6 yrs old. He gets along with children and other dogs. He is very sweet and needs loving home. He does well in the house and right now he has full run of the farm. Fee $90

Peanut - available


Peanut is a beautiful little mare, very sweet and loving. She will be 5 in May. She has never been ridden. She founders on the grass. She is perfectly fine if you only let her on the grass between Dec and the end of March. She stays in a dry lot with hay all the other time. She gets turned out with a grazing muzzle that the hole is actually closed. I have experimented and she cannot get any of the grass here at all this is not negotiable. Up to date on everthing including her teeth. Fee $125

Humphrey Bogart (Bogie) -adopted 2014

18.1 Hand Gentle Giant, up to date on everything. Good for farrier, loads easily. Can ride in a crowd. Would make a nice dressage, vaulting, husband safe mount and a child could ride him. Always in good health. Fee $3500