Miner Menagerie Rescue
& Love Animal Sanctuary

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be an advocate for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.  We educate the public on spaying/neutering their pets and the goodness of adopting a shelter pet and thus reduce the number of breeders and puppy mills.  We reduce the number of euthanized animals by re-homing adoptable animals.  We also provide sanctuary for the unadoptable animals to live out their days as happy ones.

Veterinary Care



Dr. Vikki Trupin, DVM

 Dr. Vikki Trupin Owner of Equine Veterinary Services located in Pulaski has been a great help in caring for these animals.  She has always responded to any emergencies very timely.  She takes the time to diagnose problems and really cares about the animals.  She comes to the farm to vaccinate the dogs for rabies saving a very inconvenient trip to an office.  She offers acupunture which one of the Pug residents has taken advantage of a few times.  She has a horse hospital at her house and even travels to Northern Alabama.  I would highly recommend her if you are searching for a Veterinarian. She can be reached at 931-732-5112