Healing Sessions w/Malissa

Healing sessions are a blend of assisted yoga postures (done on a massage table), mindful breathing (pranayama), sound, and wholistic manual medicine.  They do wonders to those of us who are sore, tight, or have a knot that they need to release.  They are also perfect for relaxing.  

$60.00 for 45 minutes. 
$80.00 for 60 minutes.

Sessions are offered on Monday evenings at 6:00PM. 
Space will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Sessions are performed at the Center For Progressive Health and Wellness. 
The office is located at 975 South Monroe Street, Suite C  Monroe, MI 48161


What people are saying about Malissa's treatments:

I am so fortunate to have met Malissa Whited several years ago when a colleague suggested I attend a yoga class taught by Malissa.  It was immediately clear that Malissa has an extraordinary presence as well as the gift of a gentle healing touch.  I found her classes to benefit me greatly in that I learned how to help self-heal by practicing yoga under her guidance.  When I was unable to continue with classes due to my life schedule, I found that stresses in my body gave me both pain and limitations in movement.  These stresses were from everyday life, e.g., long commute, managing a household, lifting things, as well as just normal aging.   I went to physical therapy where I found some relief.  However, I reached out to Malissa for a private session to help me prepare to return to a more regular yoga practice and to gain guidance on how to best strengthen myself to better manage what I have to do daily.   I walked into my session hoping to just learn to manage my activities a bit better, but left feeling energized, excited about the possibilities, and grateful to Malissa for her expert and generous therapy.

Malissa brings both an academically trained expertise and perceptive sensibilities to her therapy practice.  She is sensitive, intelligent, and an active listener, in addition to being extraordinarily helpful in guiding her clients.  I always learn from Malissa, and find her joyful spirit to enliven.  She is at all times a wise sage, yet youthful and encouraging. -Maia Bergman

I was experiencing a very painful case of sciatica, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which included a trip to the emergency room. I was given prescriptions for steroids for the inflammation, muscle relaxers, and pain killers. Not wanting to depend on medication and wanting to get back to my active life style I contacted Malissa for help. After one visit I immediately felt better without medication. Malissa has helped me on my way back to my normal routine that includes regular exercise and yoga. I would recommend a visit to Malissa to anyone that is seeking healing and prefers a non-medicated approach.

-Ken Bonk

I have been battling with hip/leg pain.  Each time that I have had Malissa work on me I have felt better.  It is amazing to me that her light pressure and gentle hands can make such a difference! - Jody Misiak