Military Heroes Project


How We Were Founded 

"The Military Heroes Project" is presented by the American Ideals Foundation (non-profit). The mission is to honor as many Military Heroes as possible with a legacy through the arts, to keep the memory of our fallen loved ones alive, at no charge to the families.  The American Ideals Foundation  was founded by composer / pianist, ROBERT MOFFA  in 1982; to recognize and promote the ARTS, and to give back to the community without charge.  His inspiration came from former President John F. Kennedy when he told Mr. Moffa, "You are to be congratulated for your contribution to the American ideals world wide, through your music."  The foundation has been creating legacies for years, and with the support of Sponsors will be able to continue the  legacies and ceremonies for our Military Heroes.

How The Project Got Started

Mr. Don Blair, of Broadcasting Fame, brought this concept of painting Portraits of the fallen Military to the American Ideal Foundation's principal Artist, GREG CRUMBLY,  Who's style is to paint a "Portrait of Life", (The subject in the center and surrounding poses depicting special events throughout the person's life.)





The American Ideals Foundation 

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