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A collection of short and feature length screenplays written by Mike Shelton.  All work on the site is copyright to the author, and may not be used without express written consent.

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The Order of Things (Feature, Comedy) - Marty's a perpetual bachelor, resigned to the fact that he's just not destined for marriage.  But when his mother refuses to let his newly engaged, younger brother Mikey get married until he does, Marty finds himself back in the game and on the hunt for a wife. (100 Pages)

88 Keys (Short, Comedy) - Buddy, The Friendly Piano Man is about to play for a whole new audience...adults. (11 Pages)

Pimp Juice (Feature, Comedy) - When a tainted batch of red Pop-Ade invades a small town and turns anyone who consumes it into a pimp or ho, the task of correcting the problem falls on three unlikely heroes: King Aloysius, a real life pimp, Sancho, the soothsayer on the street, and Guy Kracker, the whitest white man on Earth. (107 pages)

Blind Date Bedlam (Short, Comedy) - There are good dates, bad dates, and others that are just plain weird. (8 Pages)

Disparity of Devotion (Feature, Comedy) -  When carefree tabloid writer Newton Lawler falls for hard-working campaign associate Sara Renfeld, the sparks fly, but Sara's workaholic personality causes problems, and the two find that love is far from simple. (92 Pages)

Coffee & Inspiration (Feature, Comedy) - A young writer with an odd case of writer's block spends the day in a coffee shop in search of inspiration, but gets far more than he could hope for when a wide variety of characters including a lounge singer, a germophobe, and an indentured servant stripper filter in throughout the night. (107 Pages)

Mr. Gloom (Short, Comedy) - A day in the life of the unluckiest man on Earth. (13 Pages) Produced film can be viewed at http://vimeo.com/3413278

Gene Bulzi: Human Target (Short, Comedy) - A man visits a psychiatrist to find the answer to a question that has plagued him his whole life. "Why is everybody always shooting at me?" (14 Pages)

Desecration (Feature, Horror) - When a group of friends is kidnapped by a gang of hardened criminals and subjected to horrible acts of violence on the grounds of an ancient cemetery, the land becomes desecrated and the dead are unable to rest in peace. Rising from their graves, the dead make their way through the woods, seeking revenge, eliminating anything in their path, and causing the would be enemies to band together in the hopes of making it out alive. (106 Pages)

Disposable Heroes (Feature, Action/Horror) - When a simple snatch and grab job goes horribly wrong, mobster Clark Cicero finds himself enlisted in a special division of the FBI. His first assignment is to recover the Necronomicon from the demons that guard it, before they can use it to unleash the army of dead and take over the world. (90 Pages)

Bizarre Bazaar (Short, Comedy) - See what happens when a writer becomes unhinged and simply puts words on paper.  Everything is what it seems, and none of it makes a damn bit of sense. (17 Pages)

180 (Short, Comedy) - When Dennis gets dumped, he's got absolutely nothing to lose and decides to lay it all on the line, with shocking results. (9 Pages)

Wisenheimer (Short, Comedy) - Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about sex, the internet reaches a new low. (4 Pages)

High Stakes (Short, Horror) - A card shark looking to bank roll a trip to Atlantic City, winds up in a game with a mysterious stranger that will change his life forever. (20 pages)

One Last Fix (Short, Drama) - A small time drug dealer looks to get out of the business with one big score, but his friends aren't exactly helpful. (32 Pages)

Holiday Tradition (Short, Drama) - Sometimes, even the most simple acts can prove to be powerful. (3 Pages)

Soulshadows: Tonight, You Belong To Me (Short, Series Episode) - Soulshadows is a weekly supernatural anthology series.  Join Tanis, each week, as she highlights an item from her collection – each one containing the shadow of a very special soul. In the fourth episode, we learn that true love has no bounds, and even the slightest act of devotion can carry tremendous weight.  (25 pages)  Tanis portion written by Robert Glenn Newcomer.  Additional episodes can be viewed at SimplyScripts.com

Soulshadows II: For Sentimental Reasons (Short, Series Episode) - Charlie Averitt's accomplishment of riding every major Ferris Wheel in the world is put on hold when a stranger reveals that he still has one more to go... the Wheel at Prypiat, near Chernobyl.  With pride and his most prized possession on the line, Charlie sets out to take what may very well be his last ride. (31 pages)  Tanis portion written by Robert Glenn Newcomer.

Walken on Sunshine (Short, Comedy) Two filmmakers set out to make a fast, cheap film, in order to pay their tab at Big Bob's Fireworks and Smoked Meats.  Their idea?  A trip to the local mental hospital, and a documentary on a patient who believes he's Christopher Walken. (30 pages)

Thrill of the Hunt (Short, Thriller) - One man's late night at the office turns into more than just overtime when a contract killer shows up to settle the score. (7 Pages)

The Samaritans (Short, Western) - A stranger wanders into town in search of a hired gun, but ends up with an old man, two prostitutes, and an eccentric southern gentleman for his trouble. (15 Pages)

Zen/Fury (Feature, Action) - Two brothers, both contract killers.  One is calm, cool, collected.  The other, has serious anger management issues, and the differences between them have caused a three year separation.  But when their mother turns up dead, they must team up to find out who did it.  When their suspects start meeting strange deaths at the hands of a pair of supernatural killers called The Blue Meanies, they start to question just how accurate their list is. (82 Pages)

When Duty Flees (Short, Comedy) -  When Jerry tells his wife that he's suddenly lost his job, they band together and do the only thing they can...go looking for it. (15 Pages)

Barbie on the Barbie (Short, Comedy) - Little Tabitha learns the value of revenge when the neighborhood bully roasts her prized Barbie doll on her father's brand new grill. (7 Pages)

The Caper (Short, Horror) - It's hard enough having to kidnap somebody that's already been kidnapped, but this job is about to get hairy. (20 Pages)

Stratagem (Short, Drama) - A small town on the brink of extinction gets a rapid change of pace in the form of unexpected visitors. (20 Pages)

Baxter's Wish (Short, Comedy) - When two stoners discover a magical, talking pumpkin, they learn that the life of a pumpkin is never easy and the only way for one to achieve a proper death is to be baked into delicious pumpkin pies. (11 Pages)

Switcheroo (Short, Drama) - Wally Stirrup no longer wants to die, but convincing the company he hired to kill him is another matter entirely. (13 Pages)

Cold Call (Short, Thriller) - During a routine call, a telemarketer overhears a woman's screams and decides to investigate. As he gets further into his search, he finds that the woman he thinks he heard has been missing for six months. (15 Pages)

Short Work (Short, Drama) - There's big money on the line in this high stakes fight to the death, and one of the combatants is going to put his whole heart into it. (8 Pages)

The Degenerate (Short, Drama) - A low level gambler figures out the secret to avoiding his debts without any trouble.  Or does he? (14 Pages)

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