The Essington International School Darwin


Year 6 

Year 6A: Michelle O'Reilly  

6A Homework – Michelle O’Reilly

6A Homework – Michelle O’Reilly

Week 6

Set date: Thursday 22nd August

Due date: Thursday 29th August

Task 1: Novel studies- Read chapter 6 ‘The Boy who Harnessed the Wind’.

Task 2: Spelling

Task 3: Mathletics, maths sheet

Task 4: History- complete unfinished tasks

English Essay Outline: ‘What enables a person to succeed?’

Set date: Monday 26th August

Due date: Friday 30th August

Science Experiment Write up Assessment: Is water a good solvent?

Set date: Monday 19th August

Due date: Monday 26th August

Homework Centre is available 2:45-3:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Mathsplus is open to any student looking for extra assistance with their maths and runs from 2:45 – 3:30pm. Please bring along any class work/homework/assessment you would like support with. 

Monday     T Woodlock     Language Centre

Thursday   S McArthur      EEC3 (8A)

Year 6B:  Lillian LaFleur

Year 6C:  Spring

6C Homework Sheet Week 8 Term 3 2019

Handed out Monday 9th September and due Friday 13th September 2019


•             Continue working on your English Assessment ‘What enables a person to Succeed?’ Remember, it is due on Friday.

•             Complete all Spellodrome tasks and practice for the Friday spelling test.



•             Begin your Math revision for the Term 3 test in week 9. 

•             Complete all Mathletics tasks.   


•             Begin your Science revision for the Term 3 test on irreversible, reversible changes, mixtures and separation techniques.

•             Complete any unfinished work



•             Continue to revise for the Ancient Egypt short answer test.

•             Complete any unfinished work.

Year 6D: Melissa Bairamis

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