Back At The Ranch

Jared & Michelle Kelber Liscomb, IA 641-488-2241

Welcome to Back At The Ranch, home of champion paint horses.  We currently raise APHA and AQHA futurity prospects. 

We have had the privilege of being in the horse business for many years, coming from a family that brought some of the first registered quarter horses to the state back in the 1950's.  Thru the years we have raised, owned and shown many top show horses that have gone on to compete at the Quarter Horse Congress, AQHA World Show, APHA World Show and have had the World Wide Paint Horse Congress Champion 2 yr old western pleaure horse.  These horses all come from a lineage that stretchs seven generations back on their pedigree in which mares and studs were chosen, bred, culled, kept, shown, bred some more and as a result are the horses which we own and show today.

Grab a cup of coffee, look around, and feel free to contact us for any more info.

Showing In The 1950's~~ My Parents


Robert Back


Sallie Back

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