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Blue Ink US Review.

Kendall brings all of his passions to play in his deeply complex intricately plotted thriller. He weaves a tumultuous espionage thriller that has all the virtues and many of the vices of the myriad stories told by the likes of Tom Clacy. As A hero, his protagonist, Dr.Peter Senden, carries some of the everyman charm of Jack Ryan.
He's given us a new protagonist in the world wide espionage genre.

When John bought your book to read on holiday I looked at "nuclear espionage" and thought - not my kind of thing.

However curiosity made me open the book to read a few pages to see what sort of writer you were. (You know, a prophet is without honour etc). I couldn't put it down and John didn't get his hands on it until several days into the holiday.

Many thanks for the most enjoyable read I've had in ages. I loved the style, the excellent descriptive passages and the storyline gripped me until the end. You obviously have a great deal of knowledge about your subject and I just hope you haven't used it all up as I can't wait for the next book.

Many congratulations on a wonderful book. A Lady from  Alresford, England.  (not my mother!)


Mike, thanks for a good read, thoroughly enjoyed it. It would make a super film.  Danny Daniels,  Alverstoke, England. 


Thought this was going to be a guys book but it kept me guessing until the end. Well done.. Emma Mandeville, Basingstoke, England. 


Enjoyed the  fluid writing style that kept me turning pages through to the end.     H.C. Portsmouth 

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