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     Legacy of Dragons       




    Legacy of Dragons is a powerful espionage story, set in today’s world of  terrorist uncertainty.Adventure, murder, blackmail and rape are set against the fear of a terrorist nuclear event that forms the quest for this fast moving drama of espionage and human relationships.

   When his father dies after a diving expedition, the protagonist Dr. Peter Senden begins a quest to discover the cause and becomes caught up in what he believes is a search for a sunken wreck and gold hoard. As he slowly unravels secrets about his family he is entangled in a web of obstacles created by his father’s past British Secret Intelligence Service relationships.Senden forms a relationship with the daughter of one of his father’s past associates and together they discover a deadly WW2 nuclear secret.

 Major intelligence agencies from the U.S.A., Israel and U.K thread together the story to prevent a disaster, as a terrorist group  seek the major constituents for a dirty nuclear bomb. An equally ambitious covert plot by a section of the CIA counterpoints the action as the World's media move in.

 The story weaves between the south coast of England, Washington, Hong Kong, and London



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  The protagonist, Dr.Peter Senden, is a freelancer working for a re-organised department of MI5 following government funding cuts. He’s haunted by an encounter at a money laundering seminar in Sweden when a Moldovan woman  is murdered by the Russian SVR after she attempts to warn him that secrets of Britain’s main defence deterrent,  the Astute Class submarine,  have been exposed. Or is it the Russian Mafia?

  He in turn survives an attempt on his own  life before being  recalled to Thames House where his department is given the task of establishing if there could be some truth in the woman’s story. Or are the Russians playing the disinformation game.? Does the warning refer to Mafia money laundering on enormous submarine materiel contracts or is there a technical leak  involving communications and detection? 

  Peter is in a relationship with Fran Johnstone, a pathologist, and together they try to  establish if the security service has been compromised.  But, are the senior management holding something back from him? Will he discover the covert cooperation they have with a Kremlin organisation called Laundryman? 

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The Christmas Cracker Factory.

                A Children's Magic Christmas Adventure by Michael Kendall


  A young brother and sister make a magic journey to a factory in Southern China where Christmas and party crackers are manufactured. They  are introduced to the characters who are involved in making crackers by their host, a plastic dragon named Peevee  Cee.

      They meet up with many strange characters such as the joke compiler, Zed Ohno Notanother and Mr. Havanothergo the explosives expert.  Mrs Senditoff is a Russian doll working in the dispatch department. During the children's visit, the factory comes under attack from a gang of flying Griffins who work for a diabolical wizard. The children have to help the plastic toys to defeat the wizard before they can return home to their parents and Christmas.                                    


                                ©    Michael D.Kendall 2009.