Not just another diet book

A Cookbook devoted to Healthy Eating

Welcome to the MFC Cookbook website, a cyber dieting cookbook compiled for you, by you.

Way back in the spring of 2003, a group of posters on the BBC's The Archers Messageboards (also known as Mustardland) decided to meet together once a week to offer support, encouragement and advice to anyone wishing to lose weight, or dealing with weight-related issues. Thus the Mustardland Fat Club (MFC) was born, first hosted by Marie Squirrel for almost three years, and the oldest support-group in the Messageboard Village Hall section, which was started up to house us. 

We started in what is now called Old Mustardland (Howerd2) - in those days, posts dropped off the servers after a while, so, apart from the archived recipes and dieting advice on this website, the record of those days has disappeared into the ether.

Then, in the autumn of 2005, the BBC did a huge re-vamp of all their message-boards, and though there were some major issues with the decorators in the beginning (they made a particular mess of the new lay-out & the working of all the servers, so posting became a fine test of your patience), eventually everything settled down.

Unlike Mustardland in the Howerd2 days, Mustardland-DNA can still be visited. Here's the very first MFC meeting in our new BBC (DNA) home, hosted by the late Marie Squirrel: Mustardland Fat Club 18/10/2005. After a while we all took it in turns to host meetings on a voluntary basis. If you'd like to read more, scroll down through all the pages of the past The Village Hall discussion lists in Mustardland, and you'll see links to the MFC/Healthy Eating Club on virtually every page.

As time went by and the popularity of the MFC increased, very soon two more specialised 'sister' threads came into being: the Cybergym, devoted to fitness and exercise and hosted by G Em, and the MFC Cookbook, concentrating on all issues relating to food, and hosted by me, Katy Tulip. After a couple of years these two ‘auxiliary’ threads first became monthly ones, running alongside the main MFC threads; then at the end of 2007 it was decided that they were better kept as "rolling" threads, bumped up the discussion list every Tuesday to accompany the main weekly general discussion threads. Editions of these rolling threads can also be found by scrolling down the pages of the main discussion list in The Village Hall - G Em hosts the Cybergym, while I do the Cookbook.

You can find a list of all the MFC Cookbook threads from October 2005 on, here: The MFC/Healthy Eating Club Cookbook.

Returning members will notice we changed our name slightly in the Spring of 2009, to clarify what we’re about – not just losing weight, but becoming and staying as healthy and fit as we can in our own real lives. The reason we added the Healthy Eating appendage to our name was because we weren't all agreed what the F stood for (it could be Fat, it could be Fit, it could be Fading Away, for instance).

We are a very informal group with only one basic rule: we do not mention real-life weights, measurements, clothes sizes etc, as a long-term goal for one person may be a starting point for another. However, please do feel free to tell us of pounds/kilos/inches/cm lost, or just how loose your clothes are! Our long-standing motto is KOKO (Keep On Keeping On), which is self-explanatory.

We in the MFC firmly believe that the best diet for you is the one that is most suited to your specific needs and circumstances, so among our number we have followers of a whole spectrum of dieting regimes, nl. Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Atkins, GI & GL, South Beach, Dukan, calorie-counting, Idiot-Proof, Carb Addict, 5:2 diets and so on. Then there are also a number who are just trying to eat as healthily as they can, or are maintaining after having lost weight.

The recipes contributed by many in this Cookbook reflect this diversity, and where possible, have been written such that they can be easily adapted to suit different regimes. This is also why the nutrition/dieting information for each recipe will be edited to show all the different values for the seperate ingredients, rather than just a total for the whole dish, so that they can easily be substituted or adapted where necessary.

Up to noon February 25th 2013, we used to meet every Tuesday in The Village Hall, until the BBC decided to close the whole of Mustardland down. Our very last BBC MB meeting can be found here: The Final MFC, Mustardland Fabulous Feisty Fit Club.


However, this is not the final curtain for the MFC. We are moving on to pastures new, and if, after browsing around and "meeting" us in the past, you would like to join us in the present, you can find us here:

Our new cyber MB home(s) are still being decided on, but you can find signposts as to our Messageboard whereabouts on 2 separate fan-forums, in their respective Village halls:

Peet’s Mustardland (PML):  MFC/Healthy Eaters - Signpost to weekly meetings

& here:

Sue’s Mustardland (SML): MFC/Healthy Eaters - Signpost to weekly meetings


Our meetings are open to all, so please don’t hesitate to join in!

Best wishes & good health,

Katy Tulip

P.S.: The mustard-coloured names are links - do take a look and see where our 'cyber homes' have been/can be found!

P.P.S.: The dieting/nutritional information provided with the recipes gradually expanded more and more over time in order to be as inclusive as possible for all the major diets being followed. However, for the majority of the recipes it is still in the process of being completed. With regard to the WW information: WeightWatchers gave their Points system a major overhaul in the autumn of 2009; as such any Points values included in the recipes on this site are out of date and will in due course be edited out completely (as this information is no longer in the public domain). Please check your WW meeting Shopping List booklet (or the relevant country website if you’re following WW online) for all food Points values where applicable.

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