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The material expressed in these sites are of the author. I am not responsible for the content of these sites. I do use these sites. I  post sites that support Metis and Native American people. It is very hard to find credible material online. I suggest the surfer use caution when reading material online and use their better judgement when dealing with any website.
I will do my part  to have fact based Metis and Native American sites. If it is too good to be true watch out so that is why everyone must be careful when reading material on any given subject.

Let us keep the free flow of information!
Jon Miler, Metis Society Of Oregon

Metis of the United states links

Here is a list of links to Metis nations of the United States.

Red - Metis or other
Note: Metis people of the United states are federally unrecognized. Metis people of Canada are federally recognized

Metis nation of the south;

Metis Of New England;

U.S Metis alliance;

Wolf band of Metis;

Metis of Canada links

Metis of Canada are federally reconginzed people.

Metis nation of Canada Council;

Metis nation of the North west;

Metis nation of B.C;

Metis nation of Saskatuchewan;

Metis matters;

Metis confederacy of Nova Scotia;

Mid island Metis nation;

Oregon native links

Federally recognized tribe
Federally unrecognized tribe

Clastop Nehalem confederated tribes;

Confederated tribes of the Grand Ronde;

Confederated tribes of the Warm springs Indian reservation

Native links

Federally recognized tribe
Federally unrecognized tribe
Hawaiian kingdom, wishes to become sovereign nation and does not seek federal recognation

Lemhi Shashone;

Hawaiian sovereign and free;

Other links

This section will deal with other links of interest that I find on the net. Non tribal sites, personal sites, news sites and other sites will be posted here..

The United Nations;

The Register Guard newspaper from Eugene, Oregon;

Indian country news;

American Indian Movement;


Native tech;


Powwow website;

Metis T-shirts worldcoast;


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