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Mercury Babies began in 2007 after discovering a year earlier that mercury poisoned me and my babies. If only I had known where the risks of exposures were, it could have been prevented. We have been fortunate to recover from mercury poisoning but we feel compelled to share with you sources of heavy metal exposures that contribute to health problems, developmental delays and autism. It is our hope that the information contained in this site will help others make educated decisions about exposures and find safe treatment for mercury poisoning. Since this site was born, there are now many sites of this nature but it wasn't always that way.

Mercury is such a pervasive environmental toxic and it's still used in dentistry, medicine and in industry today. In order to protect yourself and your children you have to be your own advocate and do your own investigative work. It is my hope that many more will become informed about these issues and be able to make conscious informed decisions about what they do or do not want to be exposed too. For those that have already been exposed, there is help for mercury exposure.  You can find many resources in the links section to help you on this journey.

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