Wildlife Around Melton

and surrounding area

Please note that unfortunately, due to no longer working in the area, this web site wil not be updated further. Many thanks to those that sent in records and who enjoyed the site.

2012 diary updated - September 28th 2012

Colour ringed birds updated - April 1st 2012 - turnstone


This website will look at the wildlife to be found around Melton and the surrounding area, places where I visit before work and during my lunch break. It will therefore include sightings from Martlesham and Woodbridge down river with Methersgate and Sutton on the opposite side, inland towards Bredfield, up river to Bromeswell and Ufford and to the woodland and heaths around Rendlesham and Sutton.

Melton is a small village in East Suffolk about 10 miles form the North Sea. There are a diverse array of habitats in the surrounding area with arable, parkland, woodland, estuarine river, small lakes, grazing marshes and heathland making a varied place for lots of different wildlife.

The River Deben is a tidal river that has been used for navigation for centuries as can be seen at nearby Sutton Hoo, the Anglo-Saxon burial site of King Raedwald and his Ship. There is a sea defence wall along the river with a footpath that runs from Martlesham Creek, through Woodbridge and Melton on towards Ufford. Along side this footpath there are area of scrub, reedbeds, ditches, a sewage farm between Woodbridge and Melton and from Wilford Bridge to Ufford there are grazing meadows on one side and reedbed on the other along with wet woodland at Bromeswell Green.

View to Bromeswell Green

The River Deben looking towards Bromeswell Green.

View of River Deben from Wilford Bridge

The River Deben, Melton.

Sutton Hoo mound

The largest mound at Sutton Hoo.

Please email with any sightings, suggestions or for any information at gi2012 'at' care2 'dot' com.