V.:3: Prettyful Purple

Bye =(

 Hey Guys,

        Well, I think it's time that I've put this up...... Mixxed has been up successfully for quite a few months..but I think that I'll have to close it now=( sorry everybody!! Mixxed got up to 4th place in the Petz Top 100...but I'm sure that It's not even on the list now...I don't really play petz anymore. I only play enough to keep them from running away. If you ever want to contact me you can email or IM me at birdsare2cute@yahoo.com  or, you can message me on youtube (melovebirds). I go on almost everyday . Well, I'm sorry everybody, but It's time for me to leave..I've met so many good friends in the PC like Rylee, Melissa, Lee, and so many more!!! I'm really glad that I made this site =) Well, Good bye!! Minna Daisuki <3

                    - Sandy

 BTW: I might open Mixxed again! All the pages are still saved!