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Welcome One and All

Glad to do business with you. The site is part love for Mega Man (Mega Man 6 being the first game I ever played), part vehicle for my fan created stories, part review and game hint site, and part forum. I want involement from you, the visitor. Feedback helps so much, so do not be shy.





Sep 13 2007

Robot Boy?

When I saw this I could not help but click it. Some guy has created an expressive robot. It seems like we keep making leaps and bounds towards a future like that of the Mega Man universe (or any sci-fi for that matter). What are your views on technology and how it keep advancing? Does it seem like we give it too much control or that it can only better mankind or what?

By the way in about a week I will have my Robot Tournament up and ready for submissions. Please read the rules and e-mail your combantants to me at

The Mega Man series is owned by Capcom, Sprites by Shy Guy Kingdom, and music by Jimmy and MAG

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