Books by Marie Cleveland

Storybook Land Adventures

It is the middle of what we now call The Great Depression. There is a green and yellow menace invading a peaceful South Dakota town. Some of the leading men in town have come up with an unlikely plan to stop this unwelcome guest. What they don’t know is that their children have come up with a plan of their own, and they are determined to succeed.

Can the young conspirators work together to pull off their plan?

The Dandelion Conspiracy is a fictional account of a real event that occurred in 1935 in Aberdeen, SD.

Jason’s Giant Dilemma

A Storybook Land Adventure



A bad day is about to get worse.  It’s the last day of the school-year, and fifth-grader Jason Zimmerman is grumpy.  He’s mad at his parents.  Why don’t they want him to go to a party that many of his friends will be at?  He also isn’t thrilled about another school field trip to Storybook Land—a place that he thinks is just for little kids. 

Due to a strange twist of fate, Jason gets left alone in the park for the night.  When the Storybook Land characters come to life, Jason finds himself in the middle of a giant case of mistaken identity and a search for a missing Storybook Land character.  Will he escape the dangers waiting for him?  Doesn’t anyone even realize that he’s missing?  And if he ever gets home, will anyone believe his tale? 

Prowlers in Peril: A Storybook Land Adventure

Sequel to Jason's Giant Dilemma

“Paranoid peacocks and toothless wolves, walking piggy banks and talking statues.  What next?”  Toby and his best friend, Mike, are about to find out.  The two thirteen-year-olds have sneaked into Storybook Land after hours to cause some mischief.  When the storybook characters in the park come to life, Toby and Mike must face the consequences of their foolish actions. 

A story of magic: Did those statues really come alive? –Mike

A story of humor:  I may be just a storybook character, but I’ve got more than beans for brains. –Jack

A story of friendship: He helped me out when I was in trouble, and now I ought to do the same. –Jason

A story of consequences:  There’s no back space in life, Toby.  –Cassie

A story of forgiveness: We may be only statues, but we don’t have hearts of stone.  –Dorothy