Praying for Life in McKinney

Come Pray with Us!

As many of you already know Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the country, has opened a Planned Parenthood Express right here in McKinney.  This facility does not perform abortions, but refers women to the Dallas PP location.  A group of concerned Christians in our community is planning to organize a 40 day peaceful prayer vigil.  We are praying for the support of the united Body if Christ to hear the call to action, and come volunteer to pray for the defenseless unborn and their parents.
HOPE Resource Center is endorsing and supporting this vigil and we need your prayers and you willingness to put your beliefs into action.  Together we will be able to show the PPE express clients that there is a loving Crisis Pregnancy Center right here that can provide life-affirming compassion and support in their difficult situations.
The vigil will be held for 40 straight days from Monday June 16 to Saturday July 26.
We are asking church liaisons to help us gather volunteers for this event.  Could you please do the following:
1.  Ask your church to "sponsor" two of the 40 days to gather in prayer.  This simply means finding volunteers to pray during the two days your church selects.  Because the PP Express is only open three days a week, one of your prayer days would be a day during PPE's operating house outside their facility.  The P.P. Express is open Monday (9-5), Tuesday (12-7) and alternate Fridays (9-5) / Saturdays (9-2). The second day would be an "off" day when their clinic is closed.  During the "off" day, your church volunteers would gather to pray at any location your group chooses: a home, your church, or on the sidewalk at the PPE. 

2.  Perhaps a small group within the church would want to sponsor an additional day.  It would be a great project for your youth group or Bible study. Would you please make them aware of this event?
3.  Help raise awareness by encouraging your whole church stand for life together by praying corporately during worship on Sundays for the lives of the unborn, the salvation of their parents, the building of Christ-centered families in our community, the healing of men and women hurting from past abortions,  the defeat of the anti-biblical message of PP, and the continued growth of HOPE Resource Center and other life affirming ministries. 
We can provide a bulletin announcement for your church and if you would like we can arrange for someone to come make a pulpit announcement.