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Mtelo Viewpoint Campsite


A wonderful campsite in an extraordinary location. High above the Great Rift Valley in the North West highlands of West Pokot . Found in the Mbara sub-location at the foot of Mt Mtelo (3336m). 120km North from Kitale Town.


Managed by John Ywalasiwa, along with his wife Angela and their 4 young children. Situated in North Western Kenya on the way to Turkana and away from the main tourist routes. An amazing site in the shadow of Mt Mtelo, with a 'satalite' cottage, 40 minutes walk from the main camp, perched high on the edge of the escarpment overlooking the Rift valley from a height of over 1000m. Perfect for sun rise and solitude.

  Facilities and services include fresh tapped spring water, toilets, cool showers, camping sites, secure sleeping bandas, food and beverages, shaded seating and hammocks. Free to roam and explore or take local guidance. Discover the indigenous Pokot culture with possibilities to create and work along side local residents on community projects. Enjoy the fantastic hiking and unique flora and fauna. Trek to Mt Mtelo summit and back in a day. Alternatively camp overnight on the peak or in the high forest with b/w Colobus Monkeys and beautiful Turacos.

  From Kitale take the A1 road to Makutano, Ortum and on to Marich Pass where it is possible to spend a night or two at the Marich Pass Field Studies Campsite (see Lonely Planet etc.) From here a 3-4 hour trek will get you up to Sekerr and the campsite or one - one and half hour / 15km drive (4x4 ONLY) beginning at the sign posted track on the left, a further 2km on from MPFS will take you through the bush and up the escarpment on cement 'rails' to the 'antenna'. Continue on through the tiny Chetinon Trading Center (just 3 buildings),  before the 'road' drops steeply left. After another 20 mins 'Lower' Mariny Trading Center is reached.  Bear right then immediately fork up left, and continue on up through 'Upper' Mariny Trading Center. The road soon forks down right, into Mbara valley. After taking a left at a T junction Mungat village is reachced. Turn right, and the sign posted campsite is found just past Mungat Trading Center. Alternatively, call John (+254) 0718281729 / 0737941400, and he can arrange transport up (Private hire or regular transit) with one of the few local church or business vehicles from either Marich Pass, Sigor, Lomut, Ortum, Makutano or Kitale. Coming from the East, Kerio Valley (C46), Tot, Lomut, Sigor (B4), at the A1 junction turn right to Marich. 

 There are no security concerns 'up' in Mbara and John lives on the camp grounds with his family.



    SINGLE BED BANDA                         600/-                                                   

    TWIN BED BANDA                             800/-

    TRIPLE BED BANDA                          1200/-   

    EXECUTIVE BANDA                           1500/-       

    CAMPING SITE                                   400/-

    TENT RENTAL                                     500/-

    SKY VIEW COTTAGE (full board)        2500/-



    BREAKFAST                                     250/-

   (tea/coffee, chapati/mandazi, eggs fried/boiled/omelette, cereals, fruits)              

    LUNCH and SUPPER                         400/-

   (stewed/roast beef/goat, chicken, beans, green grams, rice, ugali, chapati, potatoes, matoke, vegetables, fruits)      


    Guiding and other Services                                                            

    MOUNT MTELO                                 700/-

    MOUNT CHAICHAI                             700/-

   HALF DAY EXCURSIONS                    500/-

   BIRD WATCHING                                500/-

   RESEARCH FIELD STUDIES               Negotiable

   LAUNDRY                                          200/-


  Additional contributions are gratefully received and will support campsite maintenance, staff and management. 

  John Ywalasiwa   -     -     (+254) 0718281729 / 0737941400

  Comfortable 'cottage' accommodation in one of 6 sleeping Bandas. Single, twin or triple. Comes with bedding, mozi net, lantern and broom.

  The superb Sky View Cottage.


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