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Whilst travelling around East Africa in 2003 Terry Hummerston and Kate Skovron, funded a small water project for the remote and impoverished highland community of Mbara in North West Kenya. Approximately 1.5 km of pipeline was dug and laid from a natural spring water source down to the centre of Mungat village. The pipeline consisted of four taps spaced along its path and ending with a large holding tank. This supplied around one thousand people with clean drinking water and relief from the one small stream previously used for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and watering animals.

                                                                   Mungat  Trading  centre

The Pokot people of Mbara are found hidden in the valleys of the Cherangani hills beneath Mount Mtelo, West Pokot district, Kenya. These mainly subsistence hill farmers depend heavily on their crops of maize and good annual rains. Approximately 1400 families with an average of 6 children per household live within the 30 sq km Mbara sub-location. There is no electricity supply. A minimum of five hours travel (a ride down the escarpment permitting) will get you to Kitale, the nearest town of any worth. Nairobi is two days away.

       The escarpment sloping down from Mbara                             Mt Mtelo as seen from the campsite

Terry's Main contact in Mungat, Mbara is John Ywalasiwa. Terry met John when he first arrived at Mungat in 2003. John owns a small campsite and wants to make his living in tourism. He is one of the most proficient English speakers in the area and is well educated. John has a great knowledge of the region having grown up in Mungat, so as a team Terry and John have been able to establish many projects in area.  

In June 2005 Terry headed back to Mbara to work on a new water project, paying for the restoration and extension of a pipeline and 10,000 litre holding tank supplying Marin trading centre. With additional funds, donated by friends and family, the community were able to begin construction of a new health clinic, and provide money towards seeds and equipment for a 'Mamas' Tree Nursery project. In July Terry and John started a 'famine' fund for the areas most impoverished citizens, offering support during the difficult months prior to harvest, when food stocks maybe depleted and store prices unaffordable.

2006 saw a group of sponsors from the U.S.A and U.K join Terry and the community to assist with the next water project and other much needed improvements. Whilst there Terry and the sponsors helped on intake construction for phase one of the Katugh Pass water project, did some final cementing on the clinic, rerouted a pipe to provide water to the local school and designed a new drainage facility in Mungat village centre. They were also able to obtain a lot of video footage and pictures for this website. 

The Katugh work continued through 2007 and along with the numerous other projects, on into 2008.

............. Now into 2011 and work is focused on transforming Temow Primary school into a facility the community can be proud of, and installing a 2km pipeline from a small natural spring water source direct to the school.



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