Mayrholm Farm

                                          Mayrholm Farm

                     Work like you don't need the money,

                                  Love like you've never been hurt,

                                     And dance like no one is watching. 


      Welcome to Mayrholm Farm.We are located in the heart of central

   New York, in the finger lakes region.We have a small herd of purebred

    French Alpine goats.We usually have stock for sale.However, we know of many  

    breeders in the the area, that have Alpines and other breeds, to help

     you find what you are looking for.We are proud members of the

    Central NY Dairy Goat Society or CNYDGS, New York State Breeders

    Association or NYSDGBA and ADGA. We feel very lucky to have started

     our herd with such great bloodlines.


                         Karl and Kim Harris-Boyden

                                1930 Patterson Rd.

                                 Marietta,NY 13110


Revised 2015               315-636-8835

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