S32 Motor Anti Submarine Boat

a guide to the history of a WW2 coastal motor boat

the roots

Designed by the 'master craftsman of marine architects', George Selman, MASB 32 was ordered under contract CP51253/39 dated 8 Sep 39 under the war emergency programme as a 70ft  MA/SB (MASB 7 - 39 = 33 boats).  When MASB 6 (1938 programme) ran trials in Dec 39 her performance was "disappointing". As a result of trials with the first 63ft for South Africa (Which was completed as a MASB and did trials for the RN at Portland before being completed as HSL 141) the Admiralty decided to stop production of the 70ft MASB.  The British Powerboat Co stopped the 70ft boats after MASB 21  and built MASB 22 - 39 as 63ft. Theese boats (like '32) have the bridge and a shorter superstructure further aft than the 63ft HSLs'

The aim.

The content on this webspace will give as much up to date information on the history and future of the of the British Powerboat Company built  motorboat known as S 32.

We know when she was built and where she is now, we have various photos and 'snippets' of various parts of her history but willl always be keen to find out more.  We also need to find as many original or period fittings as possible to carry out the restoration as described in the site..

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