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Evolution of a Soul Portrait entitled "REDEMPTION."

Evolution of my son's Soul Portrait entitled "VISION."


                      Jared Poses                      VISION               Jared gets to paint some stars!

When I look at this painting I see myself through my mother's eyes. It is my vision combined with my mother's perception. This is exactly what I expected. I have seen my mother's work throughout the years and how she pours her soul into each and every project. It is this loving commitment intertwined with her amazing spiritual intuition that unravels such powerful, beautiful paintings. Seeing my soul portrait completed to me is the same as viewing the vibrant dance of life that has filled my being thus far. Most people have to wait until death to receive a gift such as this. I am very blessed.      

- Jared Bennett / July 1, 2008

Evolution of my son David's Soul Portrait entitled "In The Suit!"   
Notes:  "David (soul) in a monkey suit (human), on a branch of the Tree of Life next to the Path of Life,
which leads through the Mountains of Destiny to the Eternal Sunrise."  Mary/mom adds in honorable family
member Bob Bear to point out The Way and Potential Surprises which may crop up along the Path of Life!


                          SHANTI OAK 


May 1 -  Dear Mary, that is quite incredible.  Yes the magic is unfolding, I am deeply touched.  Do you mind if I make a few more suggestions...  I absolutely love what you did with the 4 images of me and the border is really great, I love it..... very touching.  Would it be possible to take off the rope/bridle on the horse?  There are people who can ride horses without anything confining on the horse, just by communicating from the heart.  Just leave its head natural.  Otherwise it's a perfect scene in that corner.  I also love the lion, just not sure about the little duckies or geese in the foreground, they are cute but take a bit of the attention away, if you can put a snake instead, I love snakes and one crawled over my feet, or just leave them out.  And the only thing I am missing is one of my strongest totems, the owl. I wonder if you could insert an owl in flight on top of Shanti Oak in the middle or in front of its' branches.  Maybe a white owl, but brown is ok too.  I could see the owl in flight with one of its wings coming out of the frame into the border on top between the rainbows.  And it is getting pretty close to being the perfect soul portrait.  I am so excited.  You are really awesome.   Wow!  Thank you so much...  it is very healing already..."

May 5 - Dear Mary, thank you so much for your love and care and beauty.  I keep looking at the beautiful creation and it really brings a lot of healing, the images are so powerful!"    - Angelika -





THE PROPELLER MAN by Mary Angelico

Dear Mary,
It's impossible to describe how thrilled I was when Mike took off the wraps and I saw the beautiful painting that you did for me.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It was so thoughtful of you and it has given me a great sense of pride.  I've been working hard on the propellers for the Super Connie Restoration for some time now and when I try to tell someone about it they don't know what to say- not many people know what a Connie is.  Now I have something to show them.  It's amazing how the Connie stands out in the painting.
Carolyn and John quickly took photos of the painting, which quickly got passed around to other members of my family.  Needless to say they were all completely amazed.  I sent one to my sister in Wisconsin for her to show her six grownups, and their family, and they became as excited as I was.  Now they want to know more about what I'm doing.
Today I am sending a copy to my good customer at Safe Air in New Zealand.  It happens that he is from Germany and when I mention Lufthansa, whose aircraft is being restored, he's going to get really interested.  Besides that he now knows what I look like- flattered a little by the fact that the photo you used in the painting was taken a few years ago.
The big thing about your painting is that Mike, with help from John, hung it in my office.  It's on the rear wall, that people see when they enter the door.  You should hear the ouu's and aah's I get... 
 I can't thank you enough, Mary, for thinking of me and doing this painting.  It's beautifully done, and I'm sure you spent many hours doing it.  It's a most remarkable piece of work. 
The next thrill I will have is when some day, soon I hope, you will be visiting us and you will see for yourself the beautiful painting in all its glory.  I'm sure you will agree that it brightens up the entire office.  I wish you great happiness in your life, and to your family.  I will be thinking of you always, with gratitude.
As ever,
Chet Heth

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The process of creating my soul portrait with Mary was one of the greatest gifts I've ever given to myself.  Mary blessed me with her talent and her sensitivity.  She helped me to see my deeper self and my portrait is a sacred treasure in my prayer room.  The colors are stunning--my family and friends are drawn to it and love the radiant color and how much the painting looks like me. 
The process of emailing Mary through the creation stage kept me focused on my inner beauty and unfolding nature.  Although we live in different states, it was really easy to work with Mary over the internet and when I received my portrait in the mail I was thrilled beyond words with the results.  I am filled with gratitude and love for Mary, the process and my portrait.

Barbara, Kansas City, MO

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