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Angel Bridge Music is part of the same Divine flow of gifts and inspiration that seems to come through me when I get my little self out of the way.  I am now ready to share what I call the "New Music" which has been extremely potent and personal, yet given for a time when sharing may benefit all who have ears to hear the call of the Divine.  
Mary Songs
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What a beautiful Miracle your CD is!!!  I still have goose bumps all over me after listening to your magnificent creation of LOVE!  I am buying 2 now!  I also want to share some of this CD with our Women's Sacred Circle.  We have Sufi Dancing next Tuesday, but I'm sure I can share at least one of your selections with the group then…  I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATION OF LOVE!

M.L. Grass Valley, CA


"A Time of Miracles" is a compilation of 13 songs which, I was informed by my inner guidance, was to be a "process," not a project.  It had to become real inside of me first.  Inspired by the profound work of Barry Martin Snyder & Karen Anderson (, I am happy to share with you this journey from caterpillar to butterfly, from homo-sapien to our highest destiny as homo-luminous. 

This truly is our day of shining. 

A time of miracles is real and it is


May we awake into the full beauty of our true form and calling. 

Blessings of Light & Love,



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"You don't know, can't imagine how often you are in my thoughts.  "The Pilot" is still the most listened to song in my possession.  It is an affirmation and a guide.  Truly, I believe that you were channeling when you composed it.  You are an incredible woman.  I cherish your wisdom and your words..."

 - P. Wright, Vancouver, WA



"... your voice ... your sound ... and the Attribute of Love that filled me as I listen (even now) to your Whole Light shimmering these Sounds ... I am humbled and in awe.  Thank you for this blessing! Michael put it on the website under testimonials.*  My oh My!

Astonished ...


- Elle Collier Re, founder and teacher

*To Hear "Elle's Song" click on this link:



"As the holidays and our son's one year "Angelversary" approach, we find ourselves sliding back into painful memories and wondering how to live through these celebratory, family-oriented days.  I have a bereavement counselor that visits me every week, and I shared your song with her.  I have intended to write and thank you for such amazing compassion.  Your talent and sensitivity to the Spirit, have blessed me with a unique aid to mourning.  Back in the beginning, after (our son) passed away, I was on a medication that hindered me from crying (a side effect, not a purpose.)  I wanted and needed to cry; it would build and build inside me, but nothing would come.  So I would sit on the edge of my bed, where I was when he passed, and listen to your song.  Then the release would come and bring some brief respite.

It's a beautiful thing, Mary.  How can I express the deep gratitude I feel for your love and compassion toward people you don't even know?  God bless you.  Please know that you have helped a grieving family beyond words."

- A Mother, Bountiful, UT



"What can I say about someone who has inspired my life for many years?  She brings spirit and soul into music that has power to inspire and change lives for the better.  I have ridden hundreds of miles in my car listening to Mary's beautiful songs.  They are full of hope and new thoughts.  I believe they are directly inspired from Heaven.  There must be wonderful musicians there who pour down music to her reaching mind.  Even the old masters of music proclaimed this to be so.  However, one must be willing to ask and receive.  Mary asks.  Mary reaches.  Thank goodness!

One day Mary called saying she had something special she wanted me to hear.  This wasn't unusual as she often wanted my opinion of new songs.  My husband had been gone for awhile after five open heart surgeries and a lifetime of bad health.  Within a few years as a widow, memory begins to fade and one yearns for that companionship and relationship. 

On the anniversary of his birthday, Mary read a letter to me from my husband.  He had been lingering around her needing to say something.  Finally she sat down at the computer and began to type, listening to what came.  It was a letter to me from him.  One reason I knew it wasn't from Mary is that there were things she wouldn't have known I had been praying about which were answered by the letter.  That same day she also received and wrote a song called "My Heart."  It was a teaching, an avowal of love, an apology for not being all that he could have been.  It was also a promise to be waiting with an open heart to meet me at the door.  He indicated that he was learning to love in a whole new way.  I felt his love and change that day through my tears.  What this song and letter have done for me is replace the fear and dread of death with love and anticipation.  I am looking forward to the renewal of relationships with my husband and family."

- SAKS, An Eternal Friend 



"Ilahinoor" is beautiful beyond words.  I first put it on and chills covered me.  I looked out the front window at the mailbox in the milk can and the fields to my neighbors pond and a blue heron glided gracefully over it.  I realized that tears ran down my cheek and I was smiling like I have not smiled in a long, long time." 

- R. McCurdy, Bell Buckle, TN 


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