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Julia was young, successful and she lived her life how she chose. People envied her. As an artist she controlled her time working and playing as she chose, as a successful artist she was able to live without the worry of paying her bills or needing a regular job to fill in the gaps. What people didn’t know was the trauma of her past. Youth allowed one to be idealistic and the will to fight seemingly impossible battles but age and experience was a tough teacher that all is not possible and that there are dire consequences to be faced.  Julia’s carefree existence was nothing but a façade and in order to move forward with her life and gain the peace she desperately craved she needed to face her past. Little did she know that that time was fast approaching, her time in the Indonesian jungle would quickly bring her nightmare to the forefront. With tenacity, courage and Royce she would face her fears and overcome her heartache from the past at last.


Royce had no idea what he was getting into. He was happy in his small town practice, leaving to explore exotic areas of the world once a year under the guise of helping the less fortunate in the world. He knew he needed to help his brother but couldn’t do it alone; the last person he expected to meet when help was offered was this small almost childlike woman. His protective urges came to the surface instantly and that was the last thing that should have happened.


Together they were able to accomplish their common goal of bringing Royce’s brother and Julia’s ex-fiancé to safety. Now back in the real world they had to find a way to each other. Learning to trust may yet be Julia’s biggest battle.


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Moving On          ISBN: 1-4257-1194-4

Left widowed at a young age with a son to raise and very difficult in-laws to deal with Kirsten must find a way to move forward with her life. At least for the sake of her son if nothing else. When Alex came into her life, during a summer holiday in Europe getting on with her life didn't seem all that difficult any more. What would it be like once she had to go back to reality? Life would not get the best of her...she was a survivor.

Excerpt from : Moving On

"Thank you Kirsten." Alex said, "Now we better get some sleep. Gute nacht, Kirsten." He just stood there waiting for her to turn and go into her room.

When at last she did, after hesitating quite sometime, unable to break the spell that had wound itself around them, Alexander couldn't let it end just yet. He called her name softly, an almost inaudible whisper. "Kirsten…"

"Yes?" she said turning so quickly that she found herself bumping into Alex's chest and unable to move away.

"I…" he started as he looked into her eyes. Slowly he lowered his head. Kirsten knew he was going to kiss her again, it's what she wanted,  what she needed and she also knew that this kiss would be different. How she knew this she didn't have time to try and come up with the answer to that.

Without touching her anywhere but her lips, Alexander began the kiss with amazing tenderness making Kirsten's heart ache. He ran his tongue over her lips looking for entry that was his for the taking.  Alexander brought his hands to Kirsten's arms running them lightly up the length and the down again.

Kirsten's mind was spinning, feeling dizzy and light headed and in need of support she brought her trembling hands up to find their way over Alex's shoulder and around his neck. As if waiting for a sign that he had just been given Alexander also put his arms around Kirsten's back. Drawing her closer and deepening the kiss.

Kirsten heard a moan, not knowing who had made it. She was trembling with the need to get closer to Alex; to find release for the tension and excitement that was building with incredible speed. Alex sensing this pulled her harder against him, they fit perfectly, thigh to thigh, stomach to stomach and mouth to mouth. 



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